Two very productive weeks, we are in a lovely groove at present.  Everyone working well, although I’m still struggling to get to the teens and marking. Needing to find a good rhythm there. 
*Not quite finished

Family Read Aloud
Heidi – Johanna Spyri





Dictation – Spelling Wisdom 
Making steady progress with Mariah

Spelling- All About Spelling
We are progressing really well with AAS, I continue to be very impressed and happy with this program.
G, S are having individual lessons and loving them, following well.  I group D, X and  Mariah together for their lessons, mostly revision for the older boys and Mariah is keeping up.  Malachi I work with separately as he couldn’t spell fast enough to keep up with the others, although he is up to the same lessons.  Halfway through the second book with them.  My plan is to finish book three by the end of Term 4.

Phonics & Reading with Little Ones
Phonics continue to be covered by our AAS lessons.  I’ve started Saxon reading books!  We are starting with Fitzroy Readers, Saxon has an incredible memory so I’m sure parts of his reading include memorisation.  (He has memorised ‘Bears in the Night’ perfectly) he did very well and is keen to read:)  Half the battle.  Mariah has been enjoying listening to Genevieve read and suggested she read Little House Friends, really taking G’s reading up a notch, surprisingly G is doing reasonably well.

I am slowly switching the children over to Startwrite as they conclude their bound copywork books.  Genevieve was starting some of her letters incorrectly but not keen to listen to correction.  By giving her Startwrite sheets with the dot starting points she is now self-correcting:)  I decided on a manuscript font.  Mariah’s writing continues to be beautiful, the boys… well not so much;)

Editing –  Great Editing Adventures 
Malachi and Mariah continue to enjoy this and pick up 90% of the ‘mistakes.’

Back to regular writing lessons with Sr Judith:)
Week 6 I assigned Chiara and Xavier an essay, which they have done, well Chiara has Xavier still has not handed his in. (however I have yet to mark it:)  *Needing to work on this area and to plan essay topics for the rest of the term in one go so I am not the hold up.

Dominic has continued to happily work through this, such a great choice:)

I have been expecting written narrations for history from all using our notebooking pages🙂  Very attractive looking.

Diligent work by the boys and steady progress.  Mariah has been practising a little too.

D and X completed set Spanish work.  Dominic has been using a little Spanish in his ‘chats’ online with friends:)

Notebooking style with the primary set is going really well.  We completed our Rosary notebook pages and moved on to a Notebook page for the Month of the Holy Souls. We also enjoyed a few pages of Items in the Mass and what the priest and Bishop wear. 
Teens continue with their Didache. Reading and writing answers at end of chapter.

Great progress happening here, so pleased we switched back to Singapore for the primaries.  
Saxon amazes us, he can; tell the time, write numbers to 20, and then 1000 to 7000, can read and understand place values of 1st, 2nd 3rd and so forth.  All this he has learnt informally by osmosis.  He has been filling in the missing numbers in his book with ease, numbers up to 10!
Genevieve was powering along subtracting up into the hundreds.  However she still struggles to actually read the numbers and at the end of Week 7 she ‘hit the wall.’  We’ll take a break from the book and work on really  understanding base 10 as I’m not too sure she does actually ‘get it’ despite doing so well.
Mariah has been powering along in her book, some of it is revision but it is good for her to feel a sense of achievement, she often works beyond the basic requirement.
Malachi has been working on geometry, I’ve been sending him to Chiara for help here;)
Xavier has been putting long hours into his maths, he wishes to complete the disk at the end of the year.
Dominic continuing with Life of Fred.
*Must mark.

SOTW 2 for the boys.  Malachi has been hard at work in writing narrations for chapters read thus far.
SOTW1 for the girls.  Most diligent in writing up lovely narration pages. We’ve been reading about the Greeks.

Malachi and girls – Our new God’s Design for Science arrived and the children love it.  We’ve been reading about plant classification, each chapter has either a worksheet or an activity to complete.

Geography- Michael Palin
Malachi has been most diligent in watching hours of MP. Xavier has
Girls –

Art & Creativity
LOTS of arts and crafts have been occurring We set up art, craft and sewing centres and many masterpieces have been made and illustrated.  We also had a huge day of making origami boxes.