A nice atmosphere to the week, a relaxed air, although I still feel like I’m running in circles a bit, I need to plan more of a rhythm to our day particularly regards the little boys and Genevieve to an extent.
Mariah, Genevieve and Saxon started swimming lessons. Thursday we attended a workshop on wetlands run by the art gallery, interesting and slightly educational.

Family Read Aloud
Penderwicks at Point Mouette – Jeanne Birdsall
Some deep adult issues in this book, nearly finished.

St Francis of the Seven Seas – Albert Nevins
St Benedict Hero of the Hills – Mary Fabyan Windeatt
St Dominic of the Rosary – Catherine Beebe
Bows Against the Barons – Geoffrey Trease
The Golden Goblet – Eloise Jarvis McGraw
One is One – Barbara Leonie Picard
The High Deeds of Finn Mac Cool – Rosemary Sutcliff

The Castle Diary – Richard Platt
the Minstrel in the Tower – Gloria Skurzynski
The Sword in the Tree – Clyde Robert Bulla
Outlaws of Ravenhurst – Sr M Imelda Wallace

Pollyanna – Eleanor Porter (one quarter)
Tut’s Mummy Lost and Found – Judy Donnelly

Dictation Spelling Wisdom
Mariah doing well, Dominic wanted me to work with him but I just didn’t get there. Xavier and Malachi heard each other’s dictation and promise they are doing well, but I would prefer to dictate myself. Oh to get around to all.

Spelling- All About Spelling
Did’t get to it at all this week, children disappointed, as am I.

Phonics, Reading & Writing with Little Ones
Genevieve had a big melt down whilst doing handwriting on Monday. The cause was ‘she can’t read’. I really felt this was bought on by the fact that she had been pouring over Mariah’s ballerina books, and no, she can’t read them, wanting to run before crawling. Anyhow al work stopped whilst we cuddled her and nurtured her. Still this is a good sign, the first time’she’ has really wanted to read. First though we had to deal with the defeatist attitude. Found some very basic but interesting books for her to read. then I remembered Mariah enjoyed Mem Fox books so she has been enjoying reading them, great repetition.
Also dug out some Montessori basic sheets for letter formation, and G began a couple of them. Saxon also began one of them and really became engrossed, he does enjoy working hard.

Mariah truly has beautiful writing and she enjoys doing it. Xavier just can not seem to improve, I may have to sit with him, won’t he hate that!!! malachi did some too.

Great Editing Adventures M & M still enjoying and doing well.

English – Ridout.
Dominic completed half a chapter. Xavier is still avoiding doing it.

Literature Analysis
I didn’t get to do this with the teen boys, I really need to make this a top priority.

Nothing achieved this week:( Need to plan for next week.

One Year Adventure Novel
Dominic worked on his novel for a few hours.

some excellent written narrations from Mariah for History. Genevieve also managed one for History, using Notebook Treasury. the boys assure me they have written Narrations for history (although they are meant to for science and faith as well) but I have yet to mark them.
* Really need to get back into marking faithfully.

Dominic and Xavier read a chapter each. D orally answered questions.

the older two boys are faithful in practising, making some progress, accuracy is pretty good. Malachi did a little typing, finding it hard.

Spent time on Spanish, enjoying it more now. Xavier is still not enjoying it.

Read a couple of chapter of Intro to Catholicism with Xavier, at this stage we are orally narrating and answering questions.
Dominic started Understanding the Scriptures.
Changed my approach with faith with M and the girls. We are focusing on the Rosary, notebooking pages re the mysteries at this stage. they are most enthusiastic and really enjoying it.

Worked on 100s chart with Genevieve, she struggled to remember how to read numbers at first, but then once we discussed a few tricks she was fine. Still feel she needs some more work on the 100s chart and counting by 10s, 5s and 2s. Saxon shows promise that this will not be hard for him.
Mariah also struggled with her times tables, is reluctant to learn the songs but she does need to put some more drill into these. if not the songs we may do basic chanting.
Saxon worked on groups.
Dominic read Life of Fred, algebra.
Xavier completing his maths and enjoying and understanding.
Malachi covering diameter, radius and circumference.

SOTW2 Boys read chapter and narrated. Malachi also read the extra chapters from Story of the Church.
Dominic read 2 chapters of history.
SOTW1– Girls really enjoyed reading about Nebuchadnezzar and the Hanging Gardens in Babylon. wrote a couple of excellent narrations.

John Hudson Tiner Xavier finished Biology, answering questions.
Dominic read a couple of chapters of history of Medicine, answered questions.
Steve Spangler- Malachi watched a few videos.

Michael Palin Xavier is watching these although not enjoying. Mariah placed flag stickers onto the correct countries/flags.

Art & Creativity
Mariah was inspired by a books and led Malachi and the younger children on a craft activity involving glue gun, plastic plates, bowls and plastic cutlery. They came up with an impressive array of creations including a banjo.