Off to a very promising start this term.  After our interrupted Term 3  I decided to start back during the school holidays, this will make it a 12 week term for us.  Although Advent will brings a different rhythm to our education.
Weeks 1 & 2 saw everyone working hard, week 3 saw lack of ‘oomph’ on my behalf.  Whilst this means D, X, M & M still accomplished most of their work, G and S don’t progress far if Mama is not in ‘top form.’

Family Read Aloud
Penderwicks at Point Mouette – Jeanne Birdsall
Loving it as we loved the other Penderwick stories, though some of us are finding the ‘mushy’ parts a bit too much;)

Dictation – Spelling Wisdom 
Mariah and Dominic working steadily and consistentl, I’m very happy with where they both are.
Xavier and Malachi insist that they are dictating to one another, I’m certain that is not achieving the results I want.  Needing to stop that and insist they come to me.

SpellingAll About Spelling
I can not rave enough about this program, this is what I have been searching for, for the past 14 years.  A systematic teacher friendly approach to spelling.  Yes mum does have to teach it, but that is what I want, my finger on the pulse.
C, d, X M &M have all completed Level 1 and begun Level 2.  This is mostly revision for them all, however we are picking up a few weak areas.  X & M struggle with segmentation.  We have also learnt a few new rules so that is good.  the correct use of just which vowel to use is also a problem, for some more than others. 
It is fascinating to use this program with G & S right from the beginning.  They both absolutely love it and beg for more.  They are very proud of what they have learnt and pour so much energy into learning their sounds, segmenting, and more.

Phonics, Reading & Writing with Little Ones
G & S are covering phonics with AAS.  A little writing has happened but most energy has been directed towards AAS.
G has been reading most days and slowly making progress.  Of most interest yet puzzling, she is spending hours pouring over Mariah’s new ‘Magic Ballerina’ books, line by line and yet she says she is not reading.  Not really sure what is going on but some sort of intense learning perhaps?? 

Finally worked out how to use Startwrite and Dominic is copying poems from LOTR.   
X, M, M & G are continuing with their books.  Mariah has the most beautiful handwriting.

 Great Editing Adventures – Only doing this with M & M this term.  They are happy to do it, mostly picking up the mistakes.  It is really worthwhile to do.

Older children are yet to start back with Sr Judith.  (We still haven’t heard back from her, I do wonder if we should worry??) Also haven’t started writing club with younger children. 
I’m planning on giving all the children an essay assignment at the beginning of the week and expecting a rough draft by Wednesday m/t and a final draft by Friday morning.  I shall vary the topic.

Dominic has written a few blog posts! and Malachi has written one.  first time for both after months.

One Year Adventure Novel 
Dominic has happily started back with this.  He is still rather passionate about his novel writing:)

Mt thru to D have been rather more diligent about writing narrations. They are writing them for history and science (not science for D & X)

MJ, X and D all making a concerted effort particularly D. He is making excellent progress.

D has completed Introduction to Catholicism.  X to start it now.
Baltimore Catechism with MJ thru to S.  How much do they really retain though?  Thinking of taking a unit approach to Faith, going to brainstorm with dc tomorrow.

SOTW2 Boys reading and writing narrations.  I have also ‘strewn’ some Middle Ages books on the new book stand.  It is working:) they are reading them.
SOTW1 Girls reading and writing/colouring narrations.  

John Hudson Tiner for boys, they happy with this.
M,M & G- Steve Spangler and narrating. doing some experiements.

Michael Palin DVD;  Malachi enjoys these
MT & G are learning the African continents with Geography songs.

Discovered not a lot of maths has occurred with middles this year:(  Have ordered SM and anxiously waiting.  Meanwhile we have been using sheets of the internet and discovering big areas that need work.
S has a K maths book and is loving it, he is so keen to learn and very quick.
Dominic has switched to ‘Life of Fred’ and is finding it interesting, yoo hoo!!!
X working on

Art & Creativity
MJ, MT& G enjoyed a few projects from Deep Space Sparkle
Much of the children’s playing is taken up with dress ups.