Reading over my plans for last term, I see only a need to tweak a little for Term 3.  I’m also pondering a slight return to our block days, or maybe we could make them block weeks?   I remember we were able to study maths for example more in depth this way.  (This for my primary aged children, the teens work independently.) I’m pondering how to ‘marry’ Natural Learning with Charlotte Mason.  Ensuring the children have a solid grasp of the basics and yet have a thirst for knowledge.  
Striving for Weekly Meetings with 4 oldest.

Focus on one hymn/week based on liturgical year. Sing at prayer time.
Read books based on  liturgical year.

Saxon & Ignatius – Mosaic Picture Books 
Leading Little Ones to Mary
Bible Stories
Stories to Learn By
Catholic Treasure Box

Malachi & Genevieve – Sacramental Prep
Mariah – Catechism
Xavier – Apologetics
Dominic- Introduction to Catholicism
             – Understanding the Scriptures
A Philadelphia Catholic in King James’s Court by Martin de Porres Kennedy
D, X, M & M – Read at least two books of Saint biographies a Term.
*Write Narrations of both.

Saxon-Phonic Cards

Board Games/Phonic Activities
LEM Books

Genevieve – Daily Reading, Revision of Phonic Cards
LEM Books

D- Literature Analysis – Windows to the World 

2 Picture Books+ Daily (History/Geography Theme)
Boys & Mariah – Individual Reading Lists
Read Alouds –  Family List with Mum

Boys & Mariah – Read two classic, two saints, two history and two geography books independently

All – two poems for each ‘group’,  after prayers.

Saxon and Genevieve – 
Printed Sheets 
Fine Motor Skills – ie. Threading Beads

X,M &M – Handwriting Books (printed)
Dominic- Lined Book


Spelling Wisdom – Dominic, Xavier, Malachi and Mariah
The Spell of Words – Teens.

X- Daily Grammar
D – English for Australian Schools – Ronald Ridout
 D, X, MJ & MT – Great Editing Adventures
Narrations – Daily Written Narrations for all.  More for the boys.
Writing Club – with Sr J for teens, with Rebecca and I for M&M.
D – One Year Adventure Novel
Weekly blog writing –  Boys & Mariah 

X, M & M – All things Fun & Fascinating (Writing)

D, X – Daily Practice
Play Type Racer

Teens – The Fallacy Detective – Nathaniel Bluedorn

Interest Project:
Each Child is to select an interest area and present a project after 5 weeks.
They are to work on this project for a minimum of 30/day.
At the conclusion of each week they are to have some written or hands on material to show for learning of that week.
Larger presentation at half term.

Block Days:
Math Monday
Living Books 
– Living Math
Board Games/Hands on Activites
Online Maths – 
D & X – 
* Recommitting to helping D daily.
M, M, G & S –

Time Travelin’ Tuesday 
D, X & M – SOTW 2
Extra readings re Catholic perspective.
Incl; Church History – Fr Laux ; Relevant Chapters
Story of the Church – Dominica and Johnson; Relevant Chapters
How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization
Medieval History Based Writing
M & G – SOTW 1
Ancient History Based Writing
Extra fiction readings

Current Affairs 
Dad to continue sending ABC news to teens.

Wanderin’ Wednesday
Dominic & Xavier-  Live Mocha – Spanish


Michael Palin DVDs
Geography Song
Map Skills
Mt Isa trip – Queensland Geography
Aust Board Game

Atlas Fun

‘Terrific Thursday (Science)
Nature Ramble with Notebook

D – World of Physics (JH Tiner)
X- The World Around Us (JH Tiner)
M,M & G – Steve Spangler Science
– Magic School bus DVDs-Experiments x 1+/wk

Fun & Fine Arts Friday
Board Games

Music Study
Classical Music – Listen to 2 composers this term.
Read Opal Wheeler/picture book about composer

-Learn new hymn each week based on liturgical year.

Art &Art Appreciation
Deep Space Sparkle
Art Projects for Kids
Harmony Art Mom
ne+ project per week

Art Appreciation – Art Appreciation Lessons for Kids
Discovering Great Artists – Mary Ann Kohl and Kim Solga
Study 2 artists this term.
Read about artists, picture books and study prints.


Crafty Cow 
The Usborne Book of Art – Fiona Watt (missing still)
To undertake one+ project per week