Getting harder and harder to motivate Chiara, she really is ready to move onto the next stage in her life.  Week 7 she spent at our local Catholic Primary doing a week of Work Experience.
Dominic has far more self-motivation however, and even if he lets work slide, he then works hard to pick back up.  
Truthfully I’m not running at full step mentally however I’m making myself stick to the plan as much as possible. So some work is sliding with the others.

Family Read Aloud

The Mitchells : Five for Victory – Hilda Van Stockum (nearly finished)

Dictation – Spelling Wisdom  Steady progress for most, Dominic worked hard catching up.  I ensured M&M revised better these last two weeks.  Xavier has ‘slipped under the radar’ and has some work to do.

The Spell of Words – Dominic worked hard.  Xavier has ‘slipped under the radar’ here too!! Lots of work coming up for Xavier!

Phonics, Reading & Writing with Little Ones
Genevieve has been reading the Fitzroy readers, reading well.  I do need to be more consistent though in listening to her read. 
Saxon had been doing lots of Starfall Phonics.  However I have limited his computer time more in the last couple of weeks, hooray!

Dominic finished Eats, Shoots and Leaves!  
M & M finished Little Grammar People – Nuri Mass! 

Malachi started his new copywork book.  Xavier, Mariah & Genevieve are making steady progress.
*Note to Self* Write out Psalms for Dominic to copy.

 Great Editing Adventures  All doing well in this, they are rather enjoying it.
*Note to Self* Find passages to print out for older boys to do extra exercises.  Progress in punctuation for Dominic is still really needed.
Writing Club for older children with Sr J.  “What Event Really Changed your Life”
M&M- Writer’s Jungle; Wk 5, worked on stories.

One Year Adventure Novel  – Dominic still loving this, working keenly.  X  likes listening in.
Dominic has started a Round Robin with friends, excellent writing.

Narrations – Dominic-Science.  Malachi – Science & Faith.  Mariah – Science & Faith.  Xavier – Science. 

Children reading poems daily to themselves.

Chiara, Dominic & Xavier read assign.chapters.  

Xavier – Revised

Genevieve – ‘My Confession’ – Danile Lord Rev.
Mariah – Finished Once Upon a Time Saints, began More Once Upon a time Saints.
Introduction to Catholicism– Dominic read lesson on his own. Chiara reading too.
*Note to Self*  Don’t leave Malachi’s Faith till end of week.
I really need to be more disciplined with Genevieve’s Faith, wanting her to make her Reconciliation in a month.

SOTW2 Boys & C read a chapter a week.  Read extra books.
SOTW1 Girls Read about the Hebrews coming to Egypt and the first Sumerian dictator.

John Hudson Tiner for the teens.  Chiara (Chemistry) Steady progress.  Xavier (World All Around Us) read several chapters. Dominic (Physics) steady progress.  
M,M & G- watched Steve Spangler

Michael Palin DVD;  Finished Round the World in 80 Days, 
All the boys.  Mariah – Uncle Josh’s Maps,

Xavier, Malachi, Mariah and Saxon all did ‘a bit’.  Maths seems to be sliding a little at present.
*Note to Self*  Encourage more maths work.

Picture Books
Did read a few but didn’t keep a great list.
*Note to Self*  Be more consistent in reading 3 a day.

Individual Literature/St Reading
Cat’s Cradle
More Once Upon a time Saints (Faith)

Timestorm 2 – Anthony James
Timestorm 3 – Anthony James
Zac Power; Fossil Fury – HI Larry
Swallowdale – Arthur Ransome (Still Reading)
The Silver Branch – Rosemary Sutcliff (History)

Timestorm 2 – Anthony James
Timestorm 3 – Anthony James
Guardians of Gahoole – Lost Tales of Gahoole
The Beggar of Volubilis – Caroline Lawrence(History)
+ 3 other Caroline Lawrence mysteries.

Timestorm 1, 2 & 3 – Anthony James
The Jungle – Clive Cussler
My Diary: Rome (History)

Shadow of His Wings (WW2)
Secret Adversary – Agatha Christie
A Philadelphia Catholic in King James’ Court (Faith)