A far more productive week, in part due to more consistency on my part of enforcing computer restrictions and regular morning ‘wake up’ call.  Dominic in particular worked very hard to ‘catch up’ with previous assigned lessons.

Family Read Aloud

The Mitchells : Five for Victory – Hilda Van Stockum 
Blinky Bill – Dorothy Wall 

Dictation – Spelling Wisdom  Lots of progress this week.  All of the children had past weeks to catch up on and applied themselves well.  I truly am amazed at Chiara and Dominic’s progress, outstanding!  Xavier still has a way to go but I can see the beginning of improvement.  Malachi is slowly progressing and Mariah continues to delight me with her ability.

The Spell of Words – Dominic and Xavier did a few weeks worth.  Dominic is not always seeing the point of latin/Greek roots.  Still I believe all the endings, beginnings etc most useful.

Phonics, Reading & Writing with Little Ones
Genevieve enjoyed reading some Usborne beginner readers; Big Pig etc.
Saxon and Genevieve enjoyed lots of time with Starfall Phonics.  I’m not entirely comfortable with them using the computer for reading lessons nor the length of time, but console myself with the hope it is a ‘season.’ 

Chiara & Xavier read a chapter of Eats, Shoots and Leaves.  Actually Xavier enjoyed it so much he read the entire book!
M & M listened to a couple of chapter is Little Grammar People – Nuri Mass. We covered Adverbs and Prepositions this week.  They are having a good understanding. 

Dominic and Malachi finished their books this week:)  Dominic has now finished this program but needs more practice, I’ll write out some passages for him in a lined book.  Xavier discovered he is naturally switching to running writing at times now.  Mariah is making good, steady progress.

 Great Editing Adventures  Some make-up passages for the older boys.  Good progress by all, they enjoy the thinking once they begin, but it does take discipline.  They mostly do well but still struggle at times.  Chiara joined in this week and couldn’t contain herself, she could easily pick the flaws.  We ended up having a logic debate with one of the proposed sentences though.  Chiara and Dominic argued that a sentence change proposal couldn’t  be so, as it wasn’t a definite conclusion. 

Writing Club for older children with Sr J.  Working on descriptive essays.
M&M- Writer’s Jungle; began the first exercise, describing clearly and following with a ‘shape exercise’ on the board.
One Year Adventure Novel  – Dominic loving this.  X & M enjoying it too.
Narrations – Malachi – Geography Narration, Mariah – Saints Narration., Xavier – Geography Narrations, Chiara – Grammar, Faith and History narration.

Children reading a couple a day.

Dominic completed a few chapters.  C & X did this week’s worth. 

Xavier – basic words and phrases.

Genevieve – God’s Love Story!  
Mariah – Once Upon a Time Saints, nearly finished the book.
Introduction to Catholicism– Dominic read lesson on his own.  big progress which is helpful but we don’t get to have our special dialogue then. Chiara is reading her way through now too.
Malachi – Confirmation prepFaith & Life- 5,  
New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism 2
Brief Confirmation Review, Making good progress, Malachi is quick in answering questions, good comprehension. 
SOTW2 for the boys and Chiara.  They are also reading extra readings coinciding with each chapter.    Chiara started reading ‘How the Reformation Happened’ – Hilare Belloc but is complaining that it is rather boring. (See indiv. reading lists for extra history readings)
SOTW1 Girls. Read about Egyptian pyramids this week.  Both the girls are really loving SOTW.
Picture Book
The Scarab’s Secret – Nick Would
Tutankhamen’s Gift – Robert Sabuda

John Hudson Tiner books for teens.  They are all rather happy with their decisions.  
Chiara chose Chemistry, Xavier World All Around Us, Dominic Physics.  

Michael Palin DVD;  Round the World in 80 Days, 
Boys watched a couple of sessions, Dominic actually became rather interested despite his previous doubts.  Xavier is still not keen.  
Mariah – Uncle Josh’s Maps, labelled France.

Xavier, Malachi, Mariah, Genevieve and Saxon all worked on their maths.  Mariah worked quite hard catching up on previous lessons.  I signed Saxon up for maths buddy and he absolutely loves it.  He spent hours on maths this week, learning lots.  However I’m not entirely comfortable with him learning this way. So we shall trial it for this term and then reassess. 

Individual Literature/St Reading
Pony Pals
Once Upon a Time Saints (several saints)

Many DK Readers Level 3 & 4
Pyramid – David Macaulay
Timestorm 1

Timestorm 1
Scorpia Rising – anthony Horowitz
Cirrus Flux – Matthew Skelton

The Rescue – Kathryn Lasky
The Journey – Kathryn Lasky

From Ostia To Alexandria with Flavia Gemina-  Caroline Lawrence (History, info)

The Scribes from Alexandria; roman Mysteries – Caroline Lawrence (History)

My Story : Pompeii – Sue Reiid (History)
Set All Afire – Louis de Wohl (Faith) Started

How the Reformation Happened’ – Hilare Belloc (History) Started
Agatha Christie

The Rescue – Kathryn Lasky
Mary Quinn Mysteries – YS Lee
Patrica Wentworth x 3