Some of the children are having trouble thus far, of being motivated this term.  As I am behind in marking and in keeping my learning notes updated, I’m also feeling the disjointedness  of not having my ‘finger on the pulse.’   Resolving and endeavouring to do much better next week. 

Family Read Aloud

Finished Pegeen – Hilda Van Stockum
The Mitchells : Five for Victory – Hilda Van Stockum (Couple of Chapters)
Blinky Bill – Dorothy Wall (Began)

Faith – Completed three chapters of Our Moral Life in Christ.   Finished the book!!  So very pleased, a good, firm foundation.  Now reading Introduction to Catholicism
Maths– 2 Lessons
Language Arts – 6 pages of Ridout.
Read 4 chapters of Eats, Shoots and Leaves.  Really enjoying it.
Spelling Wisdom – 5 exercises.  Excellent progress.
Literature analysis – 1 Lesson
Writing Club – Descriptive essays, learning alot.
Narrations – Written three; Grammar, Spiritual and history.
The Spell of Words – 3 chapters, finished book!! No need for further work.
Poetry – Focusing on Australian poetry.  Read 32 poems!! a mixture of quality,  enjoying some not others.
Shakespeare – Listened to Act 1 Romeo and Juliet.
Logic – Read 4 chapters, needing to discuss with David.
History – SOTW2, – 3 chapters and mapwork.
Geography – began 1 Michael Palin DVD;  Round the World in 80 Days
Science – wrote a paper on everyday herbal medicines, tradional and medical.   
Read Mystery of the Periodic Table; really good.

Chiara – Individual Reading

 Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan x 5
2nd book in Egypt series – Rick Riordan
The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom 
Mystery of the Periodic Table. (Science)

Eagle’s Egg by Rosemary Sutcliff (History)

Frontier Wolf by Rosemary Sutcliff (History)


Faith – Read 2 chapters
Maths – 5 lessons
Language Arts – 1.5 chps Ridout
Eats, Shoots and Leaves – 1 chapter, finds funny and interesting.
One Year Adventure Novel – 8 lessons really enjoying, learning
Writing Club – Descriptive essays
 Great Editing Adventures – 5 passages
The Spell of Words – 6 exercises
Handwriting – 17 pages
Poetry – read 4 poems, wrote 2 long poems.
History – SOTW2, – 1 chapter
Geography –Michael Palin DVD;  Round the World in 80 Days; began a segment.
Science – Learning to sing the periodic table,
John Hudson Tiner- Exploring the World of Physics, read 2 chapters, answered questions. 

Dominic – Individual Reading
Prisoner of Zenda
2nd book in Egypt series – Rick Riordan
Driving Test booklet, finished!

Faith – Philadelphia Catholic in King James Court. Loved it.
Set all Afire – Louis de Wohl, liked it.
Maths – 35 lessons
Eats, Shoots and Leaves  – 1 chapter.  Finds it interesting how grammar effects writing
Writing Club – Descriptive essays
One Year Adventure Novel – 2 lessons
Narrations – 2 spitirual, 1 grammar and 1 history.
Dictation – 1 lesson.
Great Editing  – 4 lessons
The Spell of Words – 8 exercisies
Handwriting  – 10 pages
Poetry – Laurel and the Harp;  Read 40 poems to self
Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet, 
Logic – 3 chapters
History – SOTW2  Read 3 chapters
Geography –Michael Palin DVD;  Round the World in 80 Days, 2 epsidoes
Spanish – 2.5 hrs

Xavier – Individual Reading
Harry Potter x 7
Ark Angel – Anthony Horowitz
Snakehead – Anthony Horowitz
Tiger, Tiger – Lynne Reid Banks (History)
Thieves of Ostia (History)
Hound of the King – Henry Treece (History) 
Legion of the Eagle – Henry Treece (History) 
War Dogs – Henry Treece (History) 
Philadelphia Catholic in King James Court. (Faith)
Set all Afire – Louis de Wohl, (Faith)

Faith – Confirmation prep; F & L 2 Lessons, 
St Patrick’s Summer    3 chps, 
Brief Confirmation Review, 1 lesson, 
Spreading & Defending the Faith;  2 lessons
Maths – 16 lessons
Language Arts – 
Little Grammar People – 7 chps
Writing Club – round robin, & assigned lesson
Narration – Grammar and saint narrations
 Great Editing Adventures – 7 lessons
Spelling Wisdom – 14 lessons
Handwriting – 12 pages
Poetry – 30  poems read by mum, Chiara and himself
History – SOTW 2,  3 chps
Geography – Michael Palin DVD; many hours, 2 discs 4 episodes
Science – watched 4 Steve Spangler Videos, did 4 experiments.

Malachi – Individual Reading
The Other Side – Sally Morgan (Making Tracks)
The Saw Doctor – Gary Crew (Making Tracks)
Seams of gold – Christopher Cheng (Making Tracks)
Caravan Kids ( Making Tracks)
The Hold Up Heroes  (Making Tracks)
Turning the Page (Making Tracks)
River Boy (Making Tracks)
A Penny to Remember (Making Tracks)
War Dog – Henry Treece (History)

Swallows and Amazons

Reading Swallowdale
Battle Boy – nos. 11 & 12

Faith – Once Upon a time Saints – read 12 stories, enjoying them. 
Maths – 1 lesson
Language Arts – wrote 1 blog entry
Grammar little Grammar People – 7 chapters
Writing Club – Round robin
Narrations – 1 grammar and 1 saint narration
Great Editing Adventures – 7 lessons
Spelling Wisdom – 5 lessons
Handwriting – 4 pages
Poetry – Read 34 poems by RL Stevenson
History – SOTW 1, 3 chapters, 
Geography – watched 1 Michael Palin DVD;  Uncle Josh’s maps; marking continents/countries. 
Science – Steve Spangler videos, 4 experiments

Mariah – Individual Reading
The Other Side – Sally Morgan (Making Tracks)
The Saw Doctor – Gary Crew (Making Tracks)
Caravan Kids ( Making Tracks)
The Hold Up Heroes  (Making Tracks)
A penny to Remember  (Making Tracks)
Once Upon a time Saints (Faith)
Seeker to Knowledge (History)
Archaeologists dig for clues – Kate Duke (History)
Spot in the Sun (began) (History)
Battle Boy books – 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Pony Pals x 1
Milly-Molly-Mandy (begun)
Dawn on rocky ridge (Little House) – begun 

Reading –  Faith & Freedom 1  ,   Beginner Beginner Dr Suess bks
Maths – a few lessons
Faith – Books read down below
History – SOTW1 , 3 chps really enjoyed.  Plus books read below.

Science – several Steve Spangler videos, few experiments
Geography – watched  Michael Palin DVD

Selection of Read Alouds – Genevieve and Saxon
Picture Books
Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato – Tomie DePaola
Make Way for Duckings – robert McCloskey
Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel – Virgina Lee Burton
Maybelle – Virginia Lee Burton
Snow Bears – Martin Waddell
Charlie Needs a Cloak – Tomie dePaola
Little Toot –
Lentil – Robert McCloskey
The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Dishes – Phyllis Krasilovsky
You Are Special – Max Lucado
Up the Wooden Hill – Sam McBratney
Farmer Pelz’s Pumpkins – Colin Thiele
The Giant Carrot – Jan Peck

Little Grunt and the Big Egg – Tomie DePaola
We’re Sailing Down the Nile – Laurie Krebs
The Seeker of Knowledge

If Jesus Came to My House – Joan Gale Thomas
Barley Loaves and Fishes ( My Bible Friends)
Joseph’s New Coat ( My Bible Friends)
Baby Moses ( My Bible Friends) 
Jesus and the Storm ( My Bible Friends) 

Samuel the Little Priest  (My bible Friends)