I realise I’ve posted about curriculum highlights of this term, but thought it helpful to post about  individual children’s strengths and weaknesses too.

Chiara – So diligent in all her subjects, a true scholar.  I was particularly impressed with her history project, extremely well planned, well researched, interesting and writing quality was great.  I appreciated the weeks I received a typed essay.  Each week C covered a decade of Australian history, beginning from the Federation.

Our teens also designed their own Science project this term, studying computers, pulling them apart and rebuilding, learning so much. Much to my surprise C really dove deep into this project.
C continues to keep abreast of current affairs via emails from Dad, great discussion points.

Chiara has made great progress with Our Moral life in Christ, having a strong understanding of the Church’s position on different moral issues, she questions and thinks, which is always my desire to foster.
I am also impressed with C’s grasp of literature analysis, she shows a quick understanding, can articulate clearly and hands in well thought out work.

C works hard and consistently on her grammar, is occasionally writing a blog post, enjoys her Writing Club lessons with Sr immensely, and reads a wide genre of literature although still too many Christian romances in her spare time.  Finally her hard work in spelling is paying off and she now spells most words correctly, although still occasionally missing a double letter or has an incorrect vowel.  

Chiara continues to do well in maths, understanding and application.

Dominic – Has come a long way; consistent application, and attitude mostly improved, although occasionally we still see that defeatist one. .
Dominic is enjoying Writing club with Sr J, and has reapplied himself to his novel writing.  He has now written 200 words and is re-writing his first chapter.
D is moving well through his Faith text, and has lots of questions and thoughts, great to see:)
Dominic applies himself well to his Grammar, actually liking it this year, he is also making great progress with his spelling using the dictation method, although not as keen on Spell of words, I need to keep a closer check on his use of that text.
D is doing literature analysis with C, he understands the concepts, can easily participate in the conversations, but his attitude is poor and he does not apply himself to completing the homework assignments. Dominic managed to read a couple of non-fantasy books, encouraging him to read a wider genre continues to be a challenge.
Dominic still struggles with maths, to understand and retain the processes necessary.
Dominic still pottered a little with learning Spanish.
D continues to love SOTW 4, and it has been amazing how often the Current Affairs emails Dad sends are pertinent to Modern History, history in the making.
Dominic was the driving force in our teens Science project this term, studying computers, pulling them apart and rebuilding, learning so much. Dominic was really rather incredible and impressive.

Xavier – Happy to do the reading component of his work but often the written part was missing.  However his attitude is typical for his age, so I’m trying to be patient and wait it out ‘gracefully.’ (Not always succeeding;)
Paperwork for nature, faith, history and science are sparse or non-existent.  Spelling is done without care and a minimal as possible, as is handwriting. His Faith answers indicate either a lack of understanding or lack of care. I need to work with him next term.
He did really enjoy re-building computers with C & D and was a valuable member of the team.
Maths was his favourite subject and he worked well.
Xavier read from a wide genre, from his list and of his own initiative.
X continues to enjoy Writing Club with Sr J, although not always easy for him to express himself in the written form.  He has also been posting more blog entries.
Xavier struggled with dictation, however since I moved him back a book he is making far fewer mistakes and his spelling is beginning to thrive.  He continues to dislike his grammar though and his work certainly reflects this.  I’m contemplating a different approach next term.
Xavier still pottered a little with learning Spanish.
X still loves his history, and would often spontaneously narrate what he had learnt.   He was amazed how often the Current Affairs emails Dad sent were pertinent to Modern History, history in the making, and was the only one to respond to emails sent.

Malachi – Continued to fly through his work, having no comprehension problems and finding the majority of his work easy to do. It may be time to ‘step up’ his work level.
Malachi’s story writing is of an excellent quality, his imagination and vocabulary are both rich,; although his Stories with a View assignments reflect a hurry to just complete the work, his Writing club work is excellent.
Malachi’s greatest need is to improve his spelling ability, however since I have taken his dictation back a book he is slowly improving.
M loved his history, liked the new approach to maths, and enjoyed the project approach for science.
Towards the end of term he became slack in completing his paperwork for science, faith and nature. Also his handwriting standard slipped.  He normally has beautiful handwriting.
I don’t feel our approach to nature nurtured a love, so next term we’ll do something different.
Malachi was not happy with the grammar text although he did the work.  I’m contemplating a change next term.
M made great progress in reading, both the amount and the standard were improved.  He loved our read aloud time.

Mariah – A totally different scholar to last year, diligent and conscientious, having no trouble with her work.
Mariah astounds me with her spelling ability, she is incredibly fast and accurate:)
M’s handwriting was a pleasure too. Her story writing shows promise. She loves Writing Club.
Mariah didn’t enjoy the grammar text although she had no trouble understanding and did the work.  I’m contemplating a change next term.
Mariah didn’t complete her paperwork for Faith, Science and Nature towards the end of term, although we did have a baby then;)
M enjoyed the project approach to science, just not the paperwork.
Mariah’s Viking lapbook is a work of art, fun at first, an effort towards the end.
Faith however was uninspiring, Faith and Life are just not interesting, M enjoyed the ‘fun sheets’ though.
M kept up with her maths, was keen in spurts.
Mariah made great progress in reading, reading her way through the Rose years books. She loved read aloud time too.

Genevieve – Far keener than last year, making great progress:)
Genevieve put in a huge effort in her reading and made wonderful progress.  She read through Faith and Freedom P and began F & F 1!!
G was most diligent in her FHC prep, and generally understood the material.
G’s maths was only just available at the end of term, but thus far she is keen and enjoying it.
Genevieve enjoyed the science experiment approach and undertook short nature walks.
G often listened to the chapter book read alouds and easily understood, she also loved picture book time. (mum needs to devote more time to pb’s)
Genevieve has recently become very keen with handwriting.

Saxon – Far more interested in lesson time than any of my other boys at this age.
Saxon has just had an explosion of interest in writing, filling pages with ‘writing’.
S often shows an interest in learning his sounds and is interested in reading.
Saxon can read numbers up to 20! and can write them too!  He has a very good understanding of numbers.
S loves to listen to Picture book time.

Ignatius – Always keen to join in with Saxon, a bright boy who loves being read too.