Family Read Aloud
Cottage at Bantry Bay – Hilda Van Stockum
Francie on the Run – Hilda Van Stockum
Individual Literature/St Reading
Rose of Rocky Ridge (little House Book)
On the Other side of the Hill – Roger Lea MacBride  (Little House Book; Rose Yrs)
New Dawn on Rocky Ridge – Roger Lea MacBride
Little Town in the Ozarks – Roger Lea MacBride
In the Land of the Big Red Apple – Roger Lea MacBride (Little House)
Little Farm in the Ozarks – Roger Lea MacBride  (Little House Book; Rose Yrs)
Huge pile of Asterix and Obleix

Huge pile of Asterix and Obleix
Viking blood
Ranger’s Apprentice Bks 5 &6

The Wooden Horse – Eric Williams
Many Phantom comics
Encyclopaedia Brown (several)
The Tunnel – Eric Williams
Redwall – Brian Jacques
Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kastner
Saint Colette
Saint Angela Merici

Huge pile of Asterix and Obleix
Re- reading Ranger’s Apprentice bks


The Wooden Horse – Eric Williams
Victory on the Wall

High Rhulain by Brian Jacques 
Our entire collection of 3 Investigators.
The Tunnel – Eric Williams
Beorn the Proud
Horned Helmet
Rolf and the Viking Bow

Huge pile of Asterix and Obleix

Swords of Shannara – Terry Brooks (didn’t finish)
Clive Cussler – several
Skeleton Coast – Clive Cussler 

The Wooden Horse – Eric Williams
The Tunnel – Eric Williams

Sister Sue – Eleanor H Porter

The Road to Understanding – Eleanor H Porter

5 Robert Ludlum bks

5 Matthew Reilly bks

Charlotte Mason Companion – Karen Andreola

Thinking Life Though series 3 by Bishop Fulton Sheen
The Smile of a Ragpicker by Paul Glynn
Charlotte Mason, Companion by Karen Andreola
Simon Peter the Fisherman by Kurt Frieberger
Sister Cecilia 
The ABC’s of Finding a Good Husband – Steve Wood
Glory of the Olives – Claire Potts
Cheaper by the Dozen – Galbraith and Carey
Saint Louise De Marillac –  Prince Emmanuel De Broglie 
The Song of Nagasaki – Paul Glynn
Cross Upon Cross, Life of Pope Pius IX – Rev Francis B Thornton
The Kings Highway by Kenneth R Guindon
Life Worth Living Bk 1 by Bishop Fulton Sheen
The Loveliest Flower by Doris Burton
Life Worth Living Bk 2 by Bishop Fulton Sheen

Picture Books – A Selection Read
Poky Little Puppy
The Scarecrow’s Hat – Ken Brown
Tops and Bottoms – Janet Stevens
Ask Mr Bear – Marjorie flack
Wake up bear – Lynley dodd
Dimity Duck – Jane Yolen & Sebastien Braun
Home for a Bunny – Margaret Wise Brown
Hello Baby Badger – Ron Maris
Scuffy the Tugboat
Henny Penny
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Three Bears
the Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister

Little Cottontail
Who’s Making That Noise – Nadine Walter, Anne Velghe
Sam Who Was Swallowed by a shark – Phyllis Root
The Caterpillar that Roared – Michael Lawrence
Nathan’s fishing Trip – Lulu Delacre
Let’s Go Home Little bear – Martin Waddell
I Love you Because You’re You – Liza Baker
Tawny Scrawny Lion
franklin in the Dark – paulette Bourgeois
Snow Bear – Pier Harper
snow Bears – Martin Waddell
Johnny Appleseed – Solveig Paulson Russell

Little House; County Fair – Laura Ingalls Wilder
A Little House Birthday – Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House Bk)
Chinook! – Michale O Tunnell
I Wish I’d Flown the Atlantic with Amelia Earheart – Leonie Young
The Happy Man and His Dump Truck (Golden bk)
The Outback Rocket Ship – Dan Vallely
Possum Creek’s Big Flood -Dan Vallely
The Great Possum Creek Bush Fire – Dan Vallely