Another productive fortnight:)
Spelling Wisdom Working much better for the boys since I write any uncertain words on the blackboard.  I have taken Malachi right back to the beginning of Book 1 and he is writing 6 lessons a week.  Xavier is still struggling and I’m uncertain whether I sound take him back to Book 2 or continue with 3.  I do feel he needs to train his mind to take more notice and care.  Dominic has improved dramatically.  Chiara is doing much better and rarely gets a word incorrect.
Phonics and Reading
Genevieve is continuing to make steady progress, she has nearly finished F&F prep and is enjoying reading:)  Saxon has exploded with an interest in letters, and spends a large amount to time ‘Writing’ letters and numbers, using the Hundreds and Phonics chart as guides.  I really don’t recall any of our other children interested this young, except perhaps Chiara.
Family Read Aloud
Francie on the Run – Hilda Van Stockum
Nearly finished.
Individual Literature/St Reading
Little Farm in the Ozarks – Roger Lea MacBride  (Little House Book; Rose Yrs)
The Wooden Horse – Eric Williams
Many Phantom comics
Encyclopaedia Brown book
The Wooden Horse – Eric Williams
Victory on the Wall
Swords of Shannara – Terry Brooks
Still Reading
Sister Cecilia 
The ABC’s of Finding a Good Husband – Steve Wood
Glory of the Olives – Claire Potts
Cheaper by the Dozen – Galbraith and Carey
Read Aloud
Picture Books
Poky Little Puppy
The Scarecrow’s Hat – Ken Brown
Tops and Bottoms – Janet Stevens
Ask Mr Bear – Marjorie flack
Wake up bear – Lynley dodd
Dimity Duck – Jane Yolen & Sebastien Braun
Home for a Bunny – Margaret Wise Brown
Hello Baby Badger – Ron Maris
Scuffy the Tugboat
Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pf
Henny Penny
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The Three Bears
the Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister
I ended up sitting with Xavier for a couple of days to ensure he didn’t take any ‘short cuts’.  He is not pleased and very disgruntled about having to do Lingua Mater.  I think I’m just going to have to hunker down and ride out the storm.  He really does need to do this work, it is hard, and not necessarily easy for him but he does need the benefits.
Chiara and Dominic continue to enjoy Ridout.  Malachi and Mariah aren’t always pleased but are happy enough to learn.
Xavier and Dominic’s writing is making me despair:( 
Literature Analysis
Despite best intentions Chiara and Dominic didn’t undertake any Windows to the World.
Teens completed their 5 part essay for Sister.  I do believe the boys still struggled understanding Thesis Statments and concluding Paragraphs.  And despite my pleading they still tend to leave far too much till the last minute.  Chiara had a great grasp and I was very impressed with her essay, very well written.
M&M  Stories with a View lack a little length, trying to encourage more in this area.
 All Things Fun and Fascinating for Writing Club again. Continued with key words and then the children were to research and give a speech.  They worked enthusiastically and well.  I’m impressed with the  great progress and skills they are showing.   
Xavier continued with Live Mocha. Noticed the boys sprinkling some Spanish phrases in conversation. 
Continuing to use  St Joseph’s Confirmation Book with Malachi,  reading and discussing the Catechism questions, but I’m not sure he is effectively learning anything.  I need to switch to something else.
Genevieve is nearly finished ‘My Jesus and I’ – Aloysius Heeg.  Very happy with her progress and understanding.
Children continue to use F&L, and Didache.  
Dominic is doing well with Introduction to Catholicism and still asking deep and searching questions. 
Chiara using  Our Moral Life in Christ, and finding it interesting.
I need to keep a closer eye on Xavier’s work, he doesn’t always take enough care, not sure if this means he struggles to understand, or is doing sloppy work.
Mariah’s Viking lapbook  is progressing well.
Boys making steady progress with SOTW4.  and show solid understanding of the questions.
Chiara focused on the 1940s-1950s in Australia.
The teens continue to spend lots of time on Computer Triage. They have bought some computer parts as well and upgraded their computers some more.  they have even branched out into software, lots of computer lingo floating about the house.  Even Mariah has become interested.  Dominic and Chiara have also begun writing up some of their notes for this project.
Malachi, Mariah and Genevieve completed some experiments and wrote notes.
M&M  read assigned pages in Wonderland of Nature and filled in the Discovery sheets.  
Still didn’t manage to find time to sit with M&M, though they did complete their Maths.  Xavier and Chiara  also making steady progress.  Dominic spent some time working revising algebra in Singapore Maths books, in some ways he is gaining a better understanding.  He wants Dad to do some more work with him.