Well another week has gone by and baby has still not arrived, so a reasonable amount of learning occurred, particularly by the teens.


Spelling Wisdom Malachi and Xavier are making far better progress by going back to the beginning of Bks 1 &2.  I expect 3-4 exercises per dictation but rarely is a word wrong, their confidence and care is growing too:)  Chiara rarely gets a word incorrect now and yet her passages are long and complex.  Dominic still gets a few words incorrect but he is progressing  very nicely.  Mariah is a pleasure to teach:)
Phonics, Reading & Writing with Little Ones
Genevieve has finished her Faith & Freedom Prep reader!:)  she is so pleased with herself, and she has begun F&F 1.  The stories are far longer but she is coping well.  Saxon is still very keen on ‘writing’. 
Family Read Aloud
Francie on the Run – Hilda Van Stockum
Still nearly finished, but I keep letting this slip.

Individual Literature/St Reading
On the Other side of the Hill – Roger Lea MacBride  (Little House Book; Rose Yrs)
Huge pile of Asterix and Obleix

Huge pile of Asterix and Obleix
Re- reading Ranger’s Apprentice bks
Huge pile of Asterix and Obleix
Sister Sue – Eleanor H Porter

The Road to Understanding – Eleanor H Porter

5 Robert Ludlum bks

5 Matthew Reilly bks

Charlotte Mason Companion – Karen Andreola

Chiara & Dominic working very hard on their grammar, good understanding.  M & M have no problem understanding theirs.  
Steady progress.  Genevieve finished her Beatrix Potter book, she was pretty excited.!
Literature Analysis
Windows to the World – Moved to Plot analysis this week, C & D far preferred this to poetry allusions.  They had lots to contribute to the lesson and a terrific grasp of all we covered:):)
No Writing Club this week.
M&M- Stories with a View; still lacking a little in length and quality. 
Steady progress for D & X.
Genevieve finished ‘My Jesus and I’ – Aloysius Heeg!  
F & L – Mariah doing well, M & X are behind in their paperwork.  
Introduction to Catholicism– Dominic doing well, still asking searching  questions and pondering.  Great lesson!
Our Moral Life in Christ – Chiara has a great understanding and interest. This program is so solid, I’m very, very happy with it.

Viking lapbook  – Mariah, nearly complete.
Boys working through SOTW4.  Xavier’s paperwork is incomplete.
Modern Australian History – Chiara has designed and executed this project all on her own.  I had time to mark up to date this week and am incredibly impressed with her work.  The research and notes are outstanding!!! Impressive. 
Dominic and Chiara continuing to write notes for computer project.  Xavier has yet to begin!
Malachi, Mariah and Genevieve behind in experiments and note taking. 
Wonderland of Nature – M&M, read and filled in Discovery sheets.  
Sat with Mariah whilst she completed large amounts of Maths, she was thrilled with progress and I’m happy with her understanding of perimeter.  All other children worked steadily on their maths too.  Genevieve worked on subtraction in a ‘fun’ book.