This year I am determined to give more time to Saxon, he will be five in July!
He is quick with maths, is keen to listen to stories and has shown some interest in his letters.

Up to an hour daily
Number and literacy activities – daily, 20 to 30 minutes total
Faith – daily, up to 10 minutes
Story time – daily, up to 20 minutes. This to include history, geography, science and nature picture books as well as immersion in great literature.
I am also wanting to include nature study and art and craft activities each week.
Bible Stories
Saint Stories
Catholic Mosaic Picture Books
The Mass Book for Children – Rosemary Gortler and Donna Piscitelli
Catholic Children’s Treasure Box – (Maryknoll Sisters) series

Encourage Saxon to draw picture and dictate story.

Hands on activities, board games and some simple workbooks if he wishes.
DK computer games.

Reading & Writing
Phonic Flash Cards
Magnetic Letters etc
Phonic Games
Starfall – Computer PhonicsSimple books (if interested)
Writing Letters
Beatrix Potter Writing Book (If Saxon asks)

Quality Picture Books

Weekly Nature Walk and keep notebook

Quality picture books
Little Pete Stories – Leila Berg

Beatrix Potter and similar literature

Poetry/Nursery Rhymes
Action Rhyme

Daily Art activity
Weekly Craft Activity