Academic Plans for Chiara for 2011; of course much will be learnt outside of these plans whilst; helping to build a house, learning life skills and living life:)
This will be Chiara’s last year of study with us:(  I wish to make this time memorable and productive. Solidifying her skills and making certain she is equipped well for her adventures ahead.


Bible Study
Teen Timeline DVDs – Mark Hart (Once Weekly)

Our Moral Life in Christ (Didache)
The History of the Church (Didache)

A Philadelphia Catholic in King James’s Court – Martin de Porres Kennedy
& Discussion/Study Guide
Life Worth Living Series – Fulton Sheen (4 bks)
Creed and Catechetics – Eugene Kevane
Catholicism and Fundamentalism – Karl Keating
Covenant with Jesus – Fr Robert Fox
Catholic Thinkning – John Young
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Explained – Rev M Von Cochem
Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven
Catholic Faint in the Holy Eucharist – Rev Lattey
How the Mass Came to Be – Pierre Lorel
A Simple Life – Mother Teresa
Human But Holy – Leo Trese
Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola – Thomas Corbishley

Story of a Soul,
City of God
Witness to Hope – George Wiegel
St Athanasisu – FA Forbes
Great Heresies – Hilaire Belloc
You Can Understand the Bible – Peter Kreeft
A Memory for Wonders – Mother Veronica Namoyo LeGouland
The King’s highway, El Camino Real – Kenneth R Guindon
Elected Silence – Thomas Merton
Pius X – Fr Dal-Gal
Life of Pope Pius XII – Charles Hugo Doyle
Call me John – Cardinal Richard Cushing
Pilgrim of Peace – George Huber
St Pius X – Leon Van Matt, Nello Vian
Our Lady of Fatima – William Thomas Walsh
A Woman Wrapped in Silence – John W Lynch
Public Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ – Archbishop Goodier
St John Bosco – Henri Gheon
Happy Was My Youth – Edmund Burke
St Louise de Marillac – De Broglie
Families who Followed Christ – Martin Harney
These Women Walked with God – Rev M Raymond
Tyborne and Who Went Thither – Motehr Mary M Taylor
The Loveliest Flower – Doris Burton
Mary was Her Life – Sr Mary Pierre
St Paul of the Cross – Father Pius
The Family that Overtook Christ – Rev M Raymond
Don Bosco – Lancelot Sheppard
St Benedict – TF Lindsay
St Francis of Paola – Simi & Segreti
Cross Upon Cross, Pope Pius IX – Rev Francis Thornton
A Lily of the Cloister
St Jane Frances de Chantal – Janet Mary Scott
More Stories of the Saints – Norman Painting
St Joan of Arc – John Beevers
LIfe of Father Pro – Rev MD Forrest
For the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God, Mother Teresa – Kathryn Spink
St Anne – Frances Parkinson Keyes

Silver Chalice – Thomas Costain
Teh Robe – Lloyd Douglas
The Big Fisherman – Lloyd Douglas
Simon Peter the Fisherman – Kurt Frieberger
Dear and Glorious Physician (St Luke) – Taylor Caldwell

Language Arts
Grammar and Composition
Eng for Aust Schools – Ridout
Writing Club with Sr Judith
Excellence in Literature – British (IEW)

Creative Writing
Assigned Blog Topics (email assignment weekly) if necessary

Logic The Fallacy Detective – Nathaniel Bluedorn

Studied Dictation/Spelling
Spelling Wisdom


Each term read at least two classic, two saints, two history and two geography books independently.

See below

Geography: See below


Maria Montessori
Around the Year with the Trapp Family – M Von Trapp

ABCs of Finding a Good Husband – Stephen Wood
Vaccination Roulette
Charlotte Mason Companion – Karen Andreola
We’re On a Mission from God – Mary Beth Bonacci
Catholicism of Shakespeare’s Plays – Peter Milward
Sr Cecilia – William Brinkley
Glory of the Olive – Susan Claire Potts
Strangers and Sojourners – Michael O’Brien
Eclipse of the Sun – Michael O’Brien
Pillar of Iron – Taylor Caldwell
Ronald Knox – Evelyn Waugh
Where God Weeps – Werenfried Van Straaten
Song for Nagasakai – Paul Glynn
Smile of a Ragpicker – Paul Glynn
Shimpu San, Healer of Hate – Jim Brigginshaw
To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee
Shadow of his Wings – Gereon Goldman

Poetry Appreciation
‘The Laurel and the Harp’ and ‘Four Corners.’
Poetry Analysis
Windows to the World – IEW


Science and Nature
Unit Studies:
Engineering – Small Engines, Pull apart and re-construct
Marine Biology – Ocean currents, tides, tsunamis.
Vaccination, Medicine, Diseases and Cells

1 double page of research notes
1 page summary/highlight
1 page of graphics
Document any practical exercises.

Human Society and Its Environment
Michael Palin DVDs
Watch together, discuss.
Pins on wall map,
Fill in blank maps and simple worksheet 
Read Michael Palin books from library. Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific in a Raft by Thor Heyerdahl

Terms 1 & 2 -Modern Australia
History of Australia – Manning Clark * Relevant Chapters

John Flynn, Apostle to the Inland – W Scott McPheat
After the First 100 Years 1900-1950 – Helen Palmer, Jessic Macleod
Australian History – Mike Walker * Chps 6-7

Great Australian Writers
On Our Selection – Steele Rudd
Merry-Go-Round-in the Sea – Randolph Stow
Battleing Parer – J Godwin
We of the Never Never & Little Black Princess – Aeneas Gunn

Aust Cath Resources
As Gentle Rain- Mother Mary Raphael, Sr Mary Celestine
Red Grows the Harvest
Aust Catholic Chapter – James Murtagh *Part 3 1900-1955
Montmatre to Sydney – Bklet
Catholic Church in Australia – Patrick O’Farrell * Chps 4-6
Bishop with 150 Wives – FX Gsell
St Mary’s Cathedral – *pg 112>

T3- SOTW Vol 3 
More Titles to come, non-fiction and ficton

T4 – Middle Ages/Reformation

Church History – Fr Laux ; Relevant Chapters
Story of the Church – Dominica and Johnson; Relevant Chapters
How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization
History of Medieval Europe – RHC Davis
Women and the Catholic Church

More Titles to come.

Book List to be added term by term

Current Affairs
ABC emails from Dad

Creative and Practical Arts 
Music & Music Appreciation
Learn two+ new hymns each term.

Classical Music – Listen to 2 composers per term.
Read Opal Wheeler or picture book about composer

Art & Art Appreciation
Deep Space Sparkle
Art Projects for Kids
Harmony Art Mom
To undertake one+ project per week

Art Appreciation – Art Appreciation Lessons for Kids
Study 2 artists per term.
Read about artists, picture books and study prints.


Crafty Cow
Discovering Great Artists – Mary Ann Kohl and Kim Solga
The Usborne Book of Art – Fiona Watt (missing still)
To undertake one+ project per week

Practical Skills
– Improve your homemaking skills.
– Building Skills- Main focus, working alongside Dad building,  will learn so many wonderful skills that will be with you for life!