Chiara worked diligently on Understanding the Scriptures.  She also studied a couple of the Friendly Defender cards, she thought it time to study some apologetics. And spent time reading and writing a  narration of  a chapter of The Signs of Life – Scott Hahn.

Finished reading Derring-Do Mary, the Story of Mary MacKillop to Xavier and the M&Ms.  Read several chapters of St Dominic- Mary Fabyn Windeatt to the M&Ms. 

Read a  couple of chapters of Little Child’s Life of Jesus – Amy Steedman to Genevieve and Saxon.

All three children  read their history chapters and revised the chapter/s.  They were unable to write answers or do mapwork as the photocopier died.
(Xavier completed his history last week)

Native American Project
Mariah-  We began a lapbook.  Mariah was most excited, she loves lapbooking and we rarely do them as the boys don’t like lapbooking.   She worked very hard, daily after I introduced the book. 

Australian Catholic History
Teens Only- As with last week I read chp 2 of Our Heritage with the teens, then each child narrated. An improvement on Dominic’s narration ability, I had him go first this time.

Maths  for Chiara, D & X didn’t do theirs,  I can see I need to be more vigilant with their maths daily.
Malachi is nearly finished his Singapore Maths, having a bit of trouble with decimals, I need to get Dad to help. He is enjoying Maths games on the computer.
Mariah has continued listening to her Audio Memory Times Tables. She also accomplished some pages in her maths book and was heartened with how much easier it is now she is more confident in her tables.

Runkle Geography Dominic finished Chapter 7, a big effort.
Chiara  and Malachi played Global Mania. 
Xavier read a couple of Steve Parish book on the Australian Coasts and Wetlands.  Very informative and colourful.
Mariah can now sing a couple of the Audio Memory Geography songs we are both thrilled with this:) She has also started reading a set of  Geogrpahy books I loved as a child, Other Children Series by Derek and Lucy Thackary. She read about Madrid, located it on the map and wrote a story about a girl who lived in Madrid.  She tells me she also loves these books:)

Chiara completed a chapter of  Chemistry Insights.
Childcraft, Discovering Science – M&Ms, read about Gas, they then spent the afternoon creating marvelous hot air balloons with K’nex, Xavier, Genevieve and Saxon joined the fun.
Xavier started his meteorology project, reading some DK and Usborne books from the library.  He actually surprised himself and quite enjoyed learning about clouds.  He took me outside and pointed out the different types of clouds. He also read about Tornadoes and Hurricanes, then he started a project book of notes, summaries and drawings:)  I’m so impressed.  Hoping he won’t ever tell me again he doesn’t like science:(

M, M, Genevieve and Xavier discovered another bird’s nest with eggs built on the ground, they are keeping a close eye on it. A wonderful time of the year for birds:)

I read ‘Bluey the Wren’ from Spotty the Bower Bird – ES Soreneson to the M&Ms. They then narrated to me.

The M&Ms and Geneieve each chose an article from Nature and drew it.

Language Arts
Reading PractiseGenevieve read a little from her Queensland reader.

English for Australian Schools – Ronald Ridout(OOP) – Teens grammar and composition text.
Chiara achieved an enormous amount, Dominic put in a good effort and Xavier achieved a bit.

Writing – Teens researched further and finished essays for Sister Judith Writing Class.
M&Ms wrote second lesson of Stories with a View I was particularly impressed with the quality of Malachi’s work.  I’m determined to be consistent in writing with the M&Ms, learning by my previous ‘mistakes.’

Writing Class -Teens with Sister Judith 
Wrote the body and conclusion of their essays.

Spelling Wisdom for C, X, M and M.  Worked hard with Xavier on being able to retain more than 3 words at a time in his memory, made progress, still needing work but heartening.  Mariah amazes me with her ability and neatness.

Spell of Words  Chiara and Xavier achieved their assigned lists.

Handwriting – Daily practice for all. 

Literature – Chiara is reading Death Come for the Archbishop – Willa Cather

C &D read Bran Habric, and D once again re-reading his fantasy pile.
I read several chapters of Spiderweb for Two – Elizabeth Enright to M&M.

Table Time
Saxon and Ignatius coloured one day whilst Genevieve read to me.

Current Events
The Teens received and discussed with Dad some emails he sent them.

*I do need to keep a closer eye on Dominic daily to ensure he is achieving his lessons.
Obviously I still need to spend more time with the little ones, particularly Genevieve.