First week back started with promise.  Children all worked with a will and a surprising amount was accomplished. 
Chiara is nearly finished Understanding the Scriptures.  She has so enjoyed this program.

Dominic started Our Goal and Guides, I read to him and had him narrate each section as we went.  He answered questions and definitions orally.  I want him to enjoy this lesson, not be a form of torture for him.  It was a lovely time together, he really opened up and asked lots of probing and random Faith questions.  A beautiful glimpse into his soul.

Read Derring-Do Mary, the Story of Mary MacKillop to Xavier and the M&Ms in preparation for her cannonisation this Sunday!  We are all rather engrossed, in fact Xavier is discussing creating a research project to last the Term on Mary MacKillop.

Genevieve and Saxon- Read a story about their Guardian Angels, and started a basic Catechism with them. 

Chiara and the boys put in a solid effort and all read and worked on 1-2 chapters each.
Xavier decided he was enjoying it so much he completed his whole term’s work in one week, 8 chapters!!

Native American Project
Mariah- We are reading our way through a stack of picture and chapter books. However this term I though Mariah was old enough to transition to reading reference books and selecting a few points to write in a project book.  I was impressed with how easily she picked this up and she did a terrific job.

Australian Catholic History
Teens Only- I really enjoyed spending time with just the teens as a group, we read chp 1 of Our Heritage, then each child narrated. Chiara has a strong logic and analytical mind she did well, Xavier surprised me with his narration, his clarity has grown. With Dominic it was like pulling teeth. Not sure if it is a boy’s reaction, “This is pointless”, or if he truly finds it hard.  Regardless we obviously need more practice.

Maths  for Chiara and Dominic, a couple of lessons each.  Xavier didn’t do maths as he was too busy with history.
Malachi worked on his Singapore Maths.
Mariah finally addressed her multiplication reluctance.  She has been listening to the Audio Memory Times Tables. She already has learnt her 2s thoroughly and nearly her 3s & 4s. Completed a page of maths and was surprised at how much easier it was.


Runkle Geography Dominic still steadily working.
Struggling to decide what to do with Chiara now she has finished Runkle’s and has had enough of Global Mania.  Needing to plan some map skills for C & X, any ideas?
Malachi played Global Mania.
Mariah is learning a couple of the Audio Memory Geography songs

Chiara & Dominic – Chemistry Insights Completed a chapter each.
Childcraft, Discovering Science – M&Ms, read about Molecules.

M, M and Genevieve discovered a bird’s nest with a newly hatched chick.

We read Spotty the Bower Bird, and the M&Ms art work, was colouring with great care. They have been taking great care and spending a long time on colouring lately, their walls are covered with their artwork.

Genevieve and Saxon went on a Nature Hunt a couple of times this week in the house paddock.  The M&Ms joined them one day.  We have started a Nature Table.
The collection includes an abandoned bird’s nest, a cluster of fungi on a stick, and a bone.

Language Arts
Reading PractiseGenevieve read to me one day, she has decided she likes reading, ideally we will manage more time next week.

English for Australian Schools – Ronald Ridout(OOP) – Teens

Each worked for a good 1-2hrs, grammar and composition text.

Writing – Teens researched and wrote “Introductory Paragraph” for Writing Class.
Started Stories with a View with the M&Ms. They accomplished the first lesson quite easily. Hopefully the solution to our writing inconsistency.

Writing Class -Teens – with Sister Judith 
Worked on developing the body of their essays.

Spelling Wisdom for all.  We have settled into routine now and each child is completing 1-2 exercises each.  (Except for Malachi whose book is lost!)

Spell of Words  Teens- an exercise each.  Xavier is not impressed but I had to insist.

Handwriting – Daily practice for all.  Chiara has beautiful running writing but needs printing practise. M&Ms have lovely writing, the older boys writing is not what I’d like.

Literature – Chiara is reading Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home.
I really enjoyed listening to her viewpoint and conclusions; about the book, learning and our own education philosophies and practices.
Each child has a pile of books by their beside, their constant companions:)
Picture Books– I did manage to spend half an hour twice with G &S reading a pile of Spring themed books. Some progress towards my goal.

Table Time
Genevieve and Saxon spent time (twice) enjoying a variety of ‘table time’ activities.
Threading beads, Tracing stencils, Puzzles, Lacing etc.


Live Mocha – Chiara worked steadily. 

Current Events
The Teens quite enjoyed discussing the various links and emails their Dad and I sent to them throughout the week, they generated different discussions.  I received some interesting critiques on some links I sent.

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