Old Draft, uncompleted.

C still loving Didache, Understanding the Scriptures, great fit for her and she will be ready for the next book Term 4.
Have given up on Didache for D, not a good fit. I ordered Our Goals and Guides instead and it has arrived. D feels it is going to be a good fit. I do think though I’m going to have to continue to hold his hand with Faith more at least until he is in the grove.
Struggling to find a good ft for Xavier, Faith Explained was too difficult, have decided at this stage to give him two adult faith saints stories per month and have him narrate orally. Found a beautiful one on St Ignatius Loyola, (his confirmation saint) by Frances Thompson gorgeous illustrations.

C is working hard.

HistorySOTW 4 continues to be hugely popular with the four oldest. They have surprised me with their enthusiasm. Even though it is written for younger children Chiara is also using this, she is working through it at a faster pace than the younger ones. Despite reading such a wide variety of history living books there is much she is learning from SOTW.

C and X are still really enjoying Global Mania and learning so much. I’m totally impressed with how they can now name many, many countries.
D is still working through Runkle’s Geography.

C working through Chemistry Insights she says its “okay”. D is rather behind here. X is really disliking Scince Discovery but he only has a couple of chapters to go, not sure if I’m doing the right thing or not but am pushing him to finish the book, then we will look at approaching science for a CM approach. A topic of his choosing, I’m really looking forward to this. It distresses me when he says he doesn’t like science. I know he loves Nature, so not sure if to go that way or to focus on a more sciencey topic.

Current Affairs
The election results are dominating at present. We are simply making history, who would ever have imagined a hung parliament!! Lots of talk.

D & C both continuing with Live Mocha, both rather keen.

Worked with Dad to ‘join’ the houses together, spent hours sawing up cupboards at the Convent school and carrying home. Our new built ins!