The children sat for a number of exams this week and rather enjoyed the novel experience. David has yet to mark them, so we are interested to see the results.

Genevieve was tested with both an oral and phonics exam and did very well in the written exam particularly. She also sat for a ‘reading exam’;) for big sis.

Genevieve-Reading Report by Chiara
G’s attention wanders, she reads the beginnings of words but not more and guesses what the word is. Comprehension is good, it has to be to guess what word is next in a sentence. Phonics practically non-existent when reading. I’m filled with amazement about how many words she knows by sight already. Occasionally puts two or three words into one when reading, I think this means she can’t really hear the spaces between words or else not see them.

Term Review
This term we knuckled down to try to complete the assigned work, David and I were particularly keen for the three teenagers to learn follow through. This year we have used more ‘textbooks’ than we ever have in the past which has pros and cons. I think what we choose were top notch and a good fit for the children. The children learnt well, in particular I believe the information they covered in history was interesting to them and not something they would otherwise have learnt. We insisted on paperwork being completed, which it was but without real joy or care. I do think we just have to persist here, the writing has multiple purposes; increases spelling and handwriting opportunities, and makes the children have to form coherent thoughts and put them to paper. I really don’t believe they have trouble with this, it is just attitude. However as we have tried notebooking in the past to no avail this is the next option. I do feel the disadvantage is there has been a text book mentality to just do the work to the bare minimum. However interest does creep in and they become interested in some parts despite themselves. At this stage the favour is the pros however I feel there are some ways of addressing this. I would like to assign the children extra reading to coprrespond with their history. And perhaps extra reading of library books for science. Also I don’t really see a need for the primary children to follow the same program as the three olders, thinking of some more flexibility there. Plans to follow soon.