Plans not quite finalised
Time to re-group and re-assess. Not changing our direction drastically, but tweaking a little here and there for academic plans. Of course much will be learnt outside of these plans whilst; helping to build a house, learning life skills and living life.

1. English
Language Arts
Inspired by Jen’s Language Arts posts.
Grammar and Composition
Teens – English for Australian Schools – Ronald Ridout
Chiara – Precis Writing
Narrations naturally for youngers, written for olders. To transition Malachi soon.
*Chiara will receive a weekly essay question corresponding with her assigned literature book.
Malachi, Mariah and Genevieve – Little Grammar People by Nuri Mass (OOP)

Spelling/Studied Dictation Spelling Wisdom
Aided by The ABC’s and All Their Tricks: The Complete Reference Book of Phonics and Spelling by Margaret Bishop.

Copywork Modified Cursive (NSW Handwriting bk, OOP) .
Copy daily from favourite sources.

Creative Writing Writing Club, Boys continue Novel writing, daily ‘Writing Jar’ for M,M & G. Emphasis on finished product weekly.

Logic Chiara
The Fallacy Detective – Nathaniel Bluedorn

Daily phonics lessons, copywork and reading aloud.

Read Aloud – The Elizabeth Enright quartet.
Read Aloud for Youngers -Complete Set of Beatrix Potter

Murder in the Cathedral – TS Eliot
Beyond the End – Mother Mary Joseph
A Man for All Seasons – Robert Bolt
Lepanto – GK Chesterton
Set all Afire – Louis de Wohl
Father Elijah – Michael O’Brien
Death Comes For the Archbishop – Wila Cather
The Loved One – Evelyn Waugh
The Man Who was Thursday – G K Chesterton
Who Gets the Drumstick by Helen Beardsley

There’s No Escape – Ian Serraillier
Around the World in Eighty Days – Jules Verne
Treasure Island – RL Stevenson
The Red Keep – Allen French
Shadow Hawk – Andre Norton

Frontier Wolf – Rosemary Sutcliff
Wildfire – Mavis Thorpe Clark
Silver Lake – RM Ballantyne
They Raced for Treasure – Ian Serraillier
Children of te New Forest – Captain Marryat

Bush Boys Series – Fr Tierney


A Comedy of Errors
Re-telling then try the play script.

‘The Four Corners’ and ‘Children’s Book of Verse.’
*Start the day with two poems from each after prayers.

2. Mathematics 60 min/dy 60 min/dy
Xavier 60 min/dy
Malachi, Mariah & Genevieve – Singapore Maths.

3. Science(and Technology)

Malachi, Mariah & Genevieve
Plans are inspired by Theresa.
We will read Ponny the Penguin – Veronica Basser and Spotty the Bower Bird – ES Sorenson.
Draw pictures, orally narrate.

ChiaraBiology Insights Chps 4- 10 Plus read supporting literature.
DominicChemistry Insights Chps 6 – 12
XavierScience Discovery 1 Chps D1- D6.
Malachi, Mariah & Genevieve – Unit Study on Physics.
Using Macaulay’s The Way things Work Book and CD. The core part will be Jen’s Unit:) and read easy bios of Einstein, Franklin and Faraday.
Materials: K’nex and Snap Circuits.
Our Basket of Physics books, mostly Childcraft, Young Scientist and DK titles.
Science colouring pages
Wonderful science archives.
Extra ideas from Physics4Kids, Satori Smiles, and Jimmie’s Collage.

4. Human Society and Its Environment
Chiara – Has completed her Earth Science studies.
Map Studies – Globalmania Starting with Australasia/Antarctica, then Asia
DominicRunkle’s Geography – Chps 2-7 (1/wk)
XavierA Child’s Geography – Chps 7-11 (1/wk)
Malachi, Mariah & GenevieveGlobalmania Starting with Australasia/Antarctica, then Asia. Read picture books, easy chapter books for that area. Perhaps some spontaneous corresponding activities. Learn relevant Geography Song.

ChiaraSOTW Vol 4 Chps 8-26
DominicSOTW Vol 4 Chps 14-22
XavierSOTW Vol 4. Chps 15 – 25
MalachiSOTW Vol 4 Chps 11- 19
Mariah & Genevieve – Native American Unit Study
Read picture books, easy chapter books. ‘Journal’ each book. Some crafts and arts to accompany.
All listen to one chapter/wk of Gombrich’s Little History of the World

Current Affairs Chiara – Secular (ABC) & Church …

5/7. Creative(and Practical) Arts
Inspired by Theresa’s plans adapting to suit what artist resources we have. Using Discovering Great Artists – Mary Ann Kohl and Kim Solga
The Usborne Book of Art – Fiona Watt
More detail to come.
Enjoying many of the wide variety of music CDs we have unpacked.

6/8. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.
Swimming, soccer and gym as last term.
Much is covered in general living too.

All Online Catechism fun approach to learning catechism.
Focus on one hymn/month based on liturgical year. Sing at prayer time.

Chiara– Didache’s Understanding the Scriptures
Sings of Life – Scott Hahn, orally narrate to family.
Dominic – Didache’s Introduction to Catholicism
Spiritual – 2 Louis de Wohl books, orally narrate
Xavier – Apologetics; Faith Explained – Leo Trese. Written summation of each chapter. Letters to a Young Catholic – George Wiegel.
Malachi and Mariah – 3 Vision Books.
Genevieve – 1 Faith Picture book + daily.


5. Languages
Chiara & Dominic Live Mocha – Spanish

6. Technological and Applied Studies
Building the house will be the focus of all technological studies this year.