Starting back, truly one of our best weeks in a long time, our first day was awesome indeed. Carpenter quipped that normally first day back means Triple Ts; Tears, Tantrums and Traumatisation. Instead it was “totally wicked!”

After family prayers the younger three and I headed into the library for Kindy Time, we started with the My Jesus and I Chart, talking about the picture of the day and discussing the lesson. This week was practicing the Sign of the Cross and Genuflection. Then using the Little Saints preschool program as a spine; this week’s theme was family, we read lots of picture books and did a couple of art project sheets on Family. They’re thrilled to have Mum for half an hour and I loved that special time with them.
I also reviewed Phonics with Genevieve and she read from Qld Reader. Need to do this daily though.
Books Read:

M&Ms enjoyed lots of living books:) So happy to have this back in our learning again, what we all need to make learning enjoyable. They are also loving Science as we learn about “How Things Work,” and playing with K’nex is not a hardship;) Malachi still loves SOTW4 and Mariah has started her Native American unit. We mostly read from…..
LIterature- The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright
Nature- Ponny the Penguin by Veronica Basser
Fatih – St Phillip Neri, (Vision bk)

All three started back with lots of enthusiasm. The boys have chosen to concentrate on one subject at a time, in one week they have completed a whole term’s work of a particular subject. Chiara prefers the piecemeal approach.
Chiara spent alot of time with Global mania and can located all countries of Europe in just over a minute. She also worked hard with her assigned work. She particularly enjoyed reading Set all Afire by Louis de Wohl and was keen to tell me about St Francis, he has rather inspired her.
Dominic put a mighty effort in with his English completing two weeks work. He also completed two weeks of his Geography text.
Xavier completed his Geography text, he still needs to work on neatness and correct spelling in his presentation. He also worked hard on Story of the World Vol 4 which continues to be a huge hit with the boys. They love the ‘big picture’ approach and find the many wars interesting.

When I informed the children they would have to use the computer for Geography this term they were pretty happy!
We are using the Globalmania, Master of World Geography in 7 months. Easy to follow and based on online geography games it is totally fun. Lots of solid learning happening!!

I finally decided to buy Spelling Wisdom for dictation/spelling for use with all the children. We started this week. First Exercise is easy it does get harder. I am feeling a need to add spelling for the older ones as they desperately need improvement. Planning on using old lists we have here.
Am also going to start using a systematic handwriting program too with all.

Exciting news!! I have found a writing teacher for our Writing Club children:) Start next week.