What We Learned–
Chiara has been enjoying her Spanish and Faith.
Dominic has been putting a big effort into his History, English and Science and feels he has been learning lots.
Xavier has put lots of energy into his SOTW history.
Malachi’s favouries are Faith and History.
Mariah has enjoyed her copywork the most.

What We Watched–
Weekly episodes of Mythbusters, Man Vs Wild and Young Inventors.
Loving these, learning so much and discussing it all.

What We Have Been Listening to–
Arr nothing:(

What We Have Been Celebrating
Gearing up for Birthday Week, lots of birthday present shopping happening.

What We Have Been Playing–
Soccer, Gym and swimming are pretty much dominating the playing scene at present.

What We Have Been Reading:
To the M&MsA – a little of Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nihm and Twenty Saints of Ireland.
The boys have been reading joke books, Mariah has begun the Dolphin Diaries, Chiara has discovered new authors DE Stevenson and Patricia Wentworth.

*New format inspired by Julia’s What We did This Week journals.