Week 5– Chiara, Xavier and Genevieve visited Grandma down south. Chiara took the opportunity to acquire 10 more hours of driving. They took some of their studies with them and accomplished a little.
I used the time to focus on the other children. Saxon and Ignatius spent a very intense couple of hours one morning working on a variety of Montessori table activities. Spooning and tweezers craft balls, pouring rice, fraction puzzles. I was very impressed with their concentration and ‘stick-ability’. The M&Ms were very keen to work through their work quickly as their passion went into building their treehouse. Dominic and I even managed to finally sit down and work on his Faith together. He asks some amazing questions that I’m afraid I don’t know the answers too. I am starting a notebook of his questions and shall take them to our priest.

Week 6 – I spent a large part of this week finishing up marking Dominic and Xavier’s work. One very pleasant surprise was just how good both boys are at English. They have a good understanding and write some lovely sentence/paragraphs. Actually they are strong in all areas of their work, showing a good understanding and grasp of concepts. Their weak areas continue to be spelling and self-discipline. Typically they are behind in their assigned work.
I’m a little frustrated as I haven’t marked a great deal of Chiara’s work. She has done a tremendous amount and it is rather daunting how much I have to do.
The M&Ms continue to work diligently, great self-discipline and no real troubles understanding anything. They are far stronger spellers than the older three.
Genevieve’s new maths book arrived and she is rather thrilled with it. She is racing through at a rapid rate.