On average I read a couple of picture books to him daily. Since the advent of the book bins he often selects books and requests me to read them. He still is rather addicted to the screens and we have to watch him stringently. He is spending alot of time on the trampoline in the sun.

Big progression with reading has been made:) G is using the Qld Reader Prep 1 and Faith & Freedom Prep books. I can’t believe it, G is reading! She is reading daily and enjoying picture books with S.
She appears to be happy with this but I do need to spend more time extending her.

Still loving copywork, doing very well in dictation and spelling.
Despite struggling with ‘time’ she seems to be ‘getting it’ now.
Much happier since I’ve taken her off SOTW and am reading her picture books instead.
Likes Geography but isn’t thrilled that I am making her and M fill in the postcards.
Still keen on chemistry but rather possessive about ‘her book’ which creates a few problems.
Has become a big fan of Pony pals and is reading her way through the 13 books she owns. (she is very excited to have her own series – garage sale)

Racing through his work at the beginning of each week. I’m not certain whether this means his work isn’t challenging enough or if it means he is very diligent.
He enjoys and succeeds at copywork, spelling and dictation.
Maths a breeze for him.
Loves his SOTW history, isn’t the happiest at doing the sheetwork entailed but really too phased.
Loves Geography, has got over his ‘postcard’ phobia.
Enjoying Chemistry with M but sometimes runs into her possessive issue.
M has also been reading Mariah’s Pony Pals and is thrilled that I bought him more Battle Boy books.

Struggling to achieve his assigned work. I have discovered that I need to spend probably at least half an hour to an hour of individual time with him to help him work through this period of transition.
He hasn’t been enjoying his Science text but when I sat with him today reading together, he was much happier. I’m planning to also do something similar with parts of his Geography workbook. he enjoys the Geo text but doesn’t like having to do the written component.
He has been diligent with his Faith and History.
Maths he is needing David’s help with.
I have been impressed with the effort he has put into his English text.
I have told him he is not to work over at the ‘big house’ anymore, he spends too much time reading and not doing his lessons.
Xavier has been reading rather a good selection of books. I’ll attempt to type them soon.

I am very impressed with how Dominic has worked on his research/literary project. He has completed all work to date and has written an impressive outline of his author and his work.
Faith is rather neglected and I know that is something that I shall have to be proactive in offering to work with together.
He still struggles to meet his deadlines but he cares far more than he used to.

Chiara has worked hard on her research/literary project.
During the course of the year I need to extend other areas of her writing too.
She works diligently on her assigned work and is achieving mostly what is set.
She has a good attitude and application. (unless she finds a book)

I am striving to catch up to date in correcting the children’s work. It is rather illuminating, helps me keep my finger on where they are up to, but I often struggle to find time. I’m endeavouring to make it a priority.