You will be completing an independent research project by mid June. This will be a focus on a writer/poet of your choice.
*This Literature Paper will be your Lit Study, Research Paper combined for this time period.

Your 5 page+ paper will include the following:

1. a biographical section in which you tell your writer’s life story
2. a section in which you discuss your writer’s work and major concerns/themes (what he or she wrote about, thought about, cared about, was obsessed by).
3. a section in which you discuss in detail one work (or, if a poet, two or three shorter poems) by your writer

To write this paper, you will need to read about your writer, and to read what your writer has written. A novel, a large body of poems, etc, will be as good an introduction to your writer as a book ABOUT that writer.

Schedule of due dates for this project, which you need to mark on your calendar:

1. Friday April 23: report to Dad and I which writer you have chosen
2. Friday May 7: submit an outline of your research paper
3. Friday May 14: submit the section of your paper telling the life story of your writer —
4. Friday May 21: submit, the section of your paper describing your writer’s work and major concerns/themes.
5. Friday May 28: submit the last section of your paper, discussing one major work, or several short poems, by your writer
6. Friday June 4: complete rough draft
7. Friday June 11 by 6 pm: final paper due.

You may chose a writer you are familiar with or take an exciting journey and discover a new writer.

I realise we have never attempted something like this before but I’ll be posting notes to help you. By breaking it down into ‘chunks’ for each week it won’t be as overwhelming as it may sound at present. I will guide and explain clearly each week. You will present an update of your work to your sibling and I after lunch on Wednesday’s.

This week undertake some brief reading on various writers, google names and chose who you would like to study.

Remember your choices are due by the end of this week, Friday April 23rd.

Much credit and inspiration to Sally at Abandon Hopefully. Thank you Sally{{}}