Milling and Extensions are obviously here to stay for the next month so we are learning to adjust for that.

I’m very happy with where Chiara is at. Attitude and application are great. She has a good understanding of most subject although I don’t feel she always quite understanding her Faith questions. She is completing all her work.

Dominic is endeavoring to be diligent but he struggles with an interrupted week. However this year he is more genuinely interested in his subject material. He is not meeting his work quota.

Xavier has hit pre-teen years with an attitude:( I suspect hormones could be getting in the way of his learning. He is spending a large amount of time being the class clown. When he is not carrying on he gets his work done effortlessly. If he spent more energy on his work he could excel (and complete his work).

Malachi is keen, enthusiastic and amenable:) He learns with ease and just wants more. I have adjusted his and Mariah’s lesson rhythm. After working with Genevieve we are completing the topic areas first then after Morning Tea doing individual dailies. Working much better:):)

Mariah is not always as keen as Malachi, more a case of refusing to do certain subjects and loving others. Still Malachi’s enthusiasm is contagious and lots of learning is happening.

Genevieve and Saxon are hearing at least 3 picture books a day!! Then Genevieve is practising her phonic sounds, she nearly knows all her singles and a few doubles!!!