We made an effort to settle into a regular rhythm this week.
Advent has begun so our rhythm has changed.

Little Ones
Revised a few sounds with Genevieve.
Tested her on which ones she does know.
She has forgotten some.
She read a couple of Fitzroy Readers.

Tested Saxon on maths knowledge; he can count to seven with objects, to 13 by chanting.
Quizzed him on colours and realised he doesn’t know them.

Read a couple of Christmas picture books.

Began some of our Advent traditions and prayers.
Celebrated the Feasts of St Barbara, and in a small manner St Francis Xavier.

Language Arts
Christmas Memories. Some struggled with this, and tended to wander outside of the parameters.

Creative Writing
Dominic still going strong on his story.

Spelling/Comprehension/Reading Tests
We participated in a couple of reading/phonics tests.
Received some interesting results, all the children tested below average for their phonic work; no surprise really. All (except Malachi) tested above average for their comprehension test. Both girls tested above grade and Chiara was off the charts with a beyond 12th grade result.

After the tests we spent the rest of the week in revision of sounds.
I’m planning on some remedial phonic/spelling work during the holidays.

Chiara, Xavier and Malachi hit the books/CDs, putting in a big effort.

We listened to a few more chapters of Little History of the World.

A huge effort was expanded on working on Mega Maps. I’ll post pictures soon, I’m very happy with the work done.

Various colouring from the St Nicholas Centre and Mariah sewed a felt stocking.

Reading Roundup
Pile of Christmas fiction from the library, fun books.

Percy Jackson Titan’s Curse
Harry Potter Bks 6-7
He did say they get a bit dark. I’m up to book 4 and frankly I’m a bit boared.

Percy Jackson Titan’s Curse



Extra Curricula
Gymnastics for Mariah and Genevieve.
Mariah has been promoted to Intermediate next term.
WC for Chiara, Mariah and boys.
Choir/Drama, last session for the term.
Church Christmas Choir for Chiara and Mariah, they were very excited.
Building Work (see other blog)