These last three weeks have been rather disjointed due to the beginning of our extensions.
The children have been learning other lessons; hard physical labour, family togetherness, pitching together in a mad rush to meet an outside deadline, they have seen the organisation that this undertaking requires. They have participated in laying the footings and making certain the cement is level. They have experienced the importance of meticulousness. They have seen the necessity to pre-plan and prepare.

Simultaneously we have had logging taking place on our property, the children can now recognize species and subspecies of gum and other trees. We have seen the loggers at work, had the cuts explained and been taught how they manage to change the direction of a fall. We have watched the machinery at work, counted logs at the dump and seen our logs leave on the trucks.

Language Arts
This is not to say all academic work has ceased, it hasn’t. Letter writing continues to be popular, and excitement is now being generated by the return mail:)
Novels continue to be written, however NaNoWriMo fell to the wayside with all else that is happening.

Mariah has completed all the spelling tests I wanted and she definitely can spell above grade level. Malachi on the other hand can not spell as well. So work shall continue with him and the older three.

Mariah continues to love Copywork.

The children have made a little progress. But really not enough.

We listened to a couple of chatpres of A Little History fo the World

Reading Roundup

Predominately the children were mostly interested in reading. In fact it has got to the stage that I have just ‘banned reading before 3pm!!’ It’s out of control.

# Raising Dragons – Bryan Davis
# Why didn’t they ask Evans? by Agatha Christie
# A Woman Named Damris by Jennette Oke
# A Child of the Revolution by Baroness Orczy
# True Devotion by Dee Henderson
# The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie
# The Hollow by Agatha Christie
# The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie
# Lorna Doone by R. D. Blackmore
# Stoneholding by James G Anderson & Mark Sebanc
# The Road to Yesterday by L. M. Montgomery
# Halt’s Peril by John Flanagan

Landscapes with Dragons- Michael O’Brien
He found this interesting and read in a day!
This was a pre-requisite to…..After much deliberation we gave him permission to start reading the Harry Potter series, he has currently read books 1-5.
(I’m reading them myself and actually finding them pretty ho-hum)
-Raising Dragons – Bryan Davis

Re-read nearly the entire set of Redwall books.

Little Pete – Leila Berg

Extra- Curricula
Gymnastics for Mariah and Genevieve
WC for Mariah, Chiara and boys
Choir and Drama for Mariah, Chiara and boys