In planning for the next term I am concentrating on smoothing out the wrinkles. Looking to where we consistently fall short.
In regards to the layout of our ‘expectation sheets’ We will have a daily tick list for the 4 Rs, and a weekly list of choices from the other subjects, they shall have to select a certain number of items. I am really wanting to address completion of work with some of the children.

Striving to make my plans doable, if they are too ambitious I get down heartened and do nothing. A large focus this term (and future ones) will be in helping Dad build the house!!
Academic focus will be Writing and Geography.

ChiaraHow to Book of the Mass by Michael Dubriel (Waiting to buy Understanding Scripture when back in stock)
Dominic – Introduction to Catholicism by James Socias (Didache Series)
Xavier – Vision Saint Stories, Teacher’s Guide and Narration Jar.
Malachi – My Bible Story. Vol 5.
MariahAngel Food for Boys and Girls combined with the Baltimore Catechism.
Genevieve/Saxon – Catholic Picture Books and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Xavier – Singapore Maths, maybe also.
Malachi – Singapore Maths, Family Maths Book, Picture Books, Peggy Kaye and Volcanic Panic CD.
Mariah – Singapore Maths, Family Maths Book, Picture Books, Peggy Kaye and Volcanic Panic CD.
Genevieve – Singapore Maths, Picture Books and Games.
Saxon – Maths picture books and games.
Living the Liturgical Year, plans month by month. *Strive for one high tea per month.

Creating individual reading lists for all. Drawing on reading lists.
Children to rotate taking turns reading aloud to me using Queensland Readers. (1 child/day)
Family Read Aloud, daily.
Picture Books; least 3 a day.
Australian Book Traveler
Poetry – Read Aloud a selection each day. (Straight after prayers)

Morning Time
Reading this post brings back some of our happiest homeschool memories. This time nurtured us so much and we lost our way. Reviving:)
After prayers we will sing a hymn and read from Saints: A Year in Faith and Art or other saint of the day material. (This will be when the ‘Priest’ vestments are changed)
We will have a running Saints Chapter book. We’ll start with some Vision books.
A chapter from a Nature book, and Poetry, some for the older and younger.

Language Arts
Creative Writing for all. Daily working on stories and blogs. WC weekly. This will take up a large chunk of the day.

Assigned Writing Also daily assigned writing; letters, WC prep. and other various genres.
Chiara– Precis Writing.

Grammar Download Scott Foresman book for Xavier, Malachi and Mariah. a Lesson/day
Chiara – English for Australian Schools by Ridout Bk 5,
Dominic– Marist Brothers Grade 6 English
Little Grammar People by Nuri Mass
Grammar Land by ML Nesbitt
Buy chart and card games from shop in town.
Time to do a more concentrated study of grammar in a relaxed manner.

Beatrix Potter for Mariah and Blinky Bill for Genevieve.

Narration At least two narrations a week.
Narration Jar and other narration ideas.

Phonics practice for Genevieve, daily.
Latin Boys are keen to do Latin, I’m still sourcing options, may realistically not happen this term.

A Little History of the World – Gombrich (Audio)
Librivox History

BoysBrainbox Electronics Kit Further research with Library books.
The Wonderland of Nature – Nuri Mass plus notebook. Include Nature Walks.
Chiara Exploring the World of Biology.

Chiara – To continue with her study of the American States.

Everyone else:
Child’s Geography of the World
Global Mania
Mega Maps and small
Relief Map Jigsaw
Geography Questions
Geography Songs(Audio Memory)

Mapwork Maps That Teach (Owl & Mouse)Online Puzzles, printable maps and all FREE!
Geography Games (Sheppard’s Software)
Online Geography Quiz
Use these sheets and others; have one at least printed per week.
Enchanted Learning Quiz (worksheets)

Creative Arts
Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas by Fiona Watt
Whip Making – Source local contact.
Sewing- Chiara to make dress. Mariah to create:)

Fine Arts
Music Appreciation – Background music, one genre at a time.
Art Appreciation – Introduce artist on Monday morning.

Advent Study
Plan Later