The Learning Notes layout by my friend Sarah appeals visually to me, I’ve decided to adopt the same format:)

Little Ones
Little Saints program, although a bit haphazard in deliverance, they managed to do most of the art plans. The children took half hour blocks each day. I managed to read a pile of picture books to them (see below).

-Genevieve; Mass Book for Children by Rosemary Gotler. G is really attentive, we are reading and discussing a few page each day.
-Mariah; Baltimore Catechism Lesson 1 and Angel Food (3 Stories)
-Malachi; Completed ‘My Bible Story’ Vol 4, Solomon and Son
Started Bk 5, Prophet Elijah [Mum reading all Faith books to children}
-Chiara; How to Mass Book by Michael Dubriel, Read and Answered Qs pgs 25-28

Language Arts
-Mariah; Beatrix Potter book, enjoying it.

-Chiara and Dominic; Worked hard, good results. They have both improved so much.

The synergy is great, children enthusiastic and interested:)
-Bush Fire

Creative Writing
– 3 Boys: Blog and story writings. Keen and put lots of hours into this

Assigned Writing
Monday-Letter Writing (wrote to Uncle Kieren in the Seminary or firends)[All]
Tuesday – Blog Post [X,M &M]
Wednesday – Write 1/2pg on topic of choice [MJ, X, MT]
Thursday – Various Faith Questions [M & M]

-Xavier, Malachi & Mariah; Scott Foresome Grammar pdf
Mariah LOVED grammar, she is so much happier, Malachi struggled and cried at first, but is adjusting. Xavier was fine.
-Chiara, Dominic; English for Australian Schools bks 5 & 1 .
Dominic put in a HUGE effort, and had a great attitude:)


-Independent and diligent effort by our two teenagers on their work. Chiara completed 3 Lessons, Dominic managed to put in an hours worth of effort per day.
-Xavier learnt the area of circles.
-Malachi and Mariah worked on word problems.
-Mariah worked on division questions.

-Chiara completed Chapter 1 of The World of Biology by John Hudson Tiner
-Malachi did one of the ‘Electricity Kit’ experiments, and wrote it up:)

A -Little History of the World – EH Gombrich, (audio)
Listened to Chapter 3, Egypt. We studied Egypt earlier in the year so this was a good revision. Discussed, it was good to hear some of the children spontaneously narrate.
-Each child afterwards chose a ‘Narration Jar’ slip.
Chiara drew various diagrams and labels.
Malachi created a collage on the River Nile.
Mariah and Genevieve created pyramids.
(The boys somehow managed to evade this, grr)
-I set up a display of Egyptian books on the display shelves, mostly picture books and non-fiction. Children read and browsed throughout the week.

-Chiara drew 1 map, researched/wrote details of 1 US state.

John O’Brien
The Trimmin’s on the Rosary
-The Altar Boy
-Old Mass Shandrydan
-The Durkins
-Sing Me A Song
-When the Circus Came To Town

Children’s Classic Poetry
Rain – Ebenezer Jones
Windy Nights – RL Stevenson
The Lion and the Unicorn
The Fairies – William Allingham
The King’s Breakfast – AA Milne
Casabianca- Felicia Hemens

Reading Roundup
Cowboy Sam and the Indians
Encyclopedia Brown Gets His Man – Donald Sobel
Encyclopedia sets the Pace – Donald Sobel
Encyclopedia and the Case of the Dead Eagle – Donald Sobel
Encyclopedia Carries On – Donald Sobel
Encyclopedia Boy Detective – Donald Soble
Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan Bks, 4, 7 & 8
Ram of Sweet River by Colin Dann
Brisinger – Christopher Paolini
Eldest – Christopher Paolini
Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz
Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz
# Inca Gold by Clive Cussler
# The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine
# The Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale
# Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz
# Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz
# Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz
# The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer
# The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer

Picture Book Pile
Fancy That – Pamela Allen
Be Patient Little Chick – Claude Clemnt
Barnaby and the Horses – Lydi Pender
The Pig in the Pond – Matin Waddell
Angus and the Ducks – Marjorie Flack

Polar Bears – Sarah Palmer (non-fict)
Little Mo – Martin Waddell
Penguins, Penguins Everywhere – Bob Barner

Australian Book Traveler
The Best Beak in Boonaroo Bay – Narelle Oliver
The Story about Ping – Marjorie Flack
* I Said Nothing;The Extinction of the Paradise Parrot – Gary Crew
* A Sea of Words – Kim Michelle Toft
* One Less Fish – Kim Michelle Toft
* The Twelve Underwater Days of Christmas – Kim Michelle Toft

Snow Bears – Martin Waddell
Hello Baby Badger – Ron Maris

G organised a tea party, inviting her siblings. We made jam tarts, and laid the table with the tea party crockery. She was so happy.

Outings & Extracurriculars
-Ballet for Chiara
-Gymnastics for Mariah and Genevieve
-Homeschool Picnic at the River in town; play time in the water with friends.