I’m gathering links together for dictation and narration ideas etc. Needing to remind myself just why we are doing this, re-charge my enthusiasm and gather fresh ways to present it all.

Higher Up and Further In – Dictation and Spelling and Narration and Composition posts.
Classical Christian Homeschooling – Writing in the Grammar Stage
Simply Charlotte Mason – The Art of Narrating and Narration Ideas
Ambleside Online – Language Arts

Plus a overview reminder;
Simply Charlotte Mason What Methods did Charlotte Mason Use?

and From 4 Real.

49 Ways to Narrate:
1. make a book jacket depicting the characters, setting, and theme of your book
2. use photographs and caption to mkaae a scrapbook based on your book.
3. make a home movie
4. make a comic strip
5. make an illustrated time line for historical books
6. construct a diorama
7. construct a mobile
8. construct a sand table
9. make clay, soap, wood or plaster models
10. make a collection of souveniers from the story
11. make a mural
12. give a flannel board talk
13. make a collage
14. draw several clocks showing the times of important events
15. make a bulletin board
16. construct a jigsaw puzzle based on the book
17. design a coloring book around the characters and events
18. make a board game
19. create a set of bumper stickers based on characters and events
20. make a series of bookmarks with appropriate shapes. Choose wise sayings from the book to write on them.
21. make a word search or crossword puzzle
22. make a wanted poster for an appropriate character
23. make a family tree
24. desing a set of T shirts to suit the characters.
25. broadcast a book review
26. tell the story to musical accompaniment that suits the mood of the book
27. tape record and important conversation or excerpts from the book
28. conduct and interview between author and characters or between you and a character or between 2 characters.
29. make a brief oral report on why this book should never be spoiled by a book report.
30. make a nomination speech for your book to win an award.
31. dress as one of the characters and tell about yourself or tell about the other characters from your point of view.
32. produce a quiz show
33. give a tv presentation or film preview of the book
34. create a puppet show using stick, finger, glove or hand puppets
35. hold a debate or panel discussion when several students have read the same book
36. retell the story to a group of younger children.
37. create a game show based on your book
38. write a movie script for part of the book
39. write a different ending
40. write and draw a rebus story based ont he book
41. make a newspaper. Include events taht could have occurred and when and where the story took place.
42. Develop a dictionary for a character in the book. Include words that he or she particularly liked to use as well as definitions that character would have given the words.
43. write a job wanted ad for the main characters
44. write a series of letters or postcards from one character to another
45. write several diary entries for main characters
46. make a commercial for selling your book
47. make new lyrics to a miliar tune to tell about your story in song.
48. write a limerick about a favorite character
49. Pantomime a story scene for others to identify