I am feeling much better within myself. I am now considering adding a few ‘extras’ to our week and pushing myself to accomplish them. I am not overwhelmed with this thought. This week for the first time in a long time I actually was looking forward to Monday beginning.

Learning Roundup: Malachi and Xavier still consistently work hard. They complete all their assigned work and apply themselves independently. They come to me for help but I’m not having to ‘police’ them. Truly they make life much easier. Xavier has made it clear though that he likes to have ‘mum’ time. Not that he needs it academically but I think he likes it emotionally.

Both boys have told me that their work is too easy and they want harder work. Pondering here just what area to ‘up the ante’.

I resurrected our previous game plan of half an hour each with the four youngest ‘students’, they are all keen to work with mum but not so keen to take their time with Genevieve and Saxon.
I’m trying to make them realise for one to happen so must the other. Next week I will have set plans for them, hopefully that will help.
Plan is
Mum with: At same time:
Mariah: Xavier with G & S
Malachi: Mariah with G & S
Xavier: Malachi with G & S
Genevieve: Saxon ready to play

Mariah is still not that keen, she starts the week fresh and then fizzles. I’m not too worried as she picks up things effortlessly, but I would like to see her a little bit more productively engaged.

Chiara and Dominic are more of a worry. Consistently they tend to do the areas that they enjoy or like and consistently skip those they don’t. Currently maths and science are missed. Also Faith, which is more of a concern. I know I need to do something, time to talk with Dad I think.

I’m planning on designing a Project Based Assignment on Electricity for Dominic, perhaps they’ll all join in.

On the extras front. Well I read picture books one day. That’s a start I guess. I’m looking at holidays soon (Friday week) and what rhythms I want to keep in place.

Talking rhythms I printed out a Daily Routines chart in the effort to encourage bed making and teeth cleaning, successful for some, still not others. (my fault)

I also changed the kids expectations sheets into a pie chart visible for all on the wall. I wanted it to be easier to see at a glance what is being done and not. Also hoping for some sibling pressure. Didn’t really change anything.

Shame it is the holidays soon as I am just getting into the swing.