This week went much better, I am starting to feel alot better. Giving myself permission to be gentle on myself has helped immensely, also Treasure Moments has helped. One of the most worthwhile tasks I have done in a long time was record A Day in Our House on Wednesday. I realised that a lot more goes on around here than I give credit for. I realise I have been looking at the glass as half empty for some time, I will do better. Next week is Homeschool Camp:)

So what have we done this week?
Writinglots of creative writing by the two older boys, English Writing from Chiara, and the M&Ms have consistently done dictation. Xavier wrote blog post.
Dominic focused mainly on writing this week to the exclusion of most else.

Maths– Perhaps not quite consistent this week for everyone in regards to workbooks but big effort in learning times tables. Xavier and Malachi have learnt all their tables!! Dominic is up to his 9x and Mariah up to 6x.

Faith – Have read virtue stories to Mariah daily.
Have read Bible Stories to Malachi daily, finished Vol 3 and started Vol 4.
Xavier re-read The Story of the Church.

Literature– Finished Penderwicks. Boys and Chiara read number of novels.
Read a number of picture books including a number of bird books from the library.

History – read 2 sessions of Our Sunburnt Country to Malachi, Children all learnt the Aust National Anthem.
Science – read to Xavier, Malachi & Mariah; Koonawarra the Black Swan – Leslie Rees
Rabbit Trails – Read butterfly book to Mariah and started lapbook.
Chiara worked very hard on her geo project, had Geo quiz with all.