Not our best week. Felt sick all week and have been in a blue funk. I feel like I’m always the one pushing everyone around here to do their lessons and it shouldn’t be like that. Where is the enthusiasm, the joy?

Finally today I announced a NEW REGIME and joy has arrived!!The children are happy and I’m happy, I can slowly feel some of my enthusiasm coming back.

Each child will have their lessons tailored to suit them, not only their lessons but even what subjects they do. Bottom line is all do Maths and Writing; after that is variable. My highschool students in particular have control over their lessons. Chiara is planning her own lessons, she’s pretty excited. And Dominic, my square peg, is so excited that he no longer has to do history and geography (except by audio means) he hugged me, and dashed off to continue writing his book.

I feel like a burden has been lifted and can feel that I am slowly becoming me again.