We started the week well but petered out very quickly. I really don’t know what is wrong with us but enthusiasm is low for Geography and History. With intention to address this I have created several spreadsheets to hopefully give the children a more visual indication of what they have achieved (and what still needs doing)

I’m giving serious thought when this 5 week block is over to looking at the Robinson Curriculum concepts. Maths, Reading and one essay a day, this will give the children more time, perhaps this is what they need. Certain books will be required to read, or perhaps more audio resources as I know this is their strength. Now that we have ADSL this is possible:)

However they have been diligent in maths and great progress has been made on their times tables. David created a spreadsheet (see link above) and they are enjoying timing their selves and ‘completing’ tables. Also enthusiasm is high for creative writing with the older boys and they have been spending hours writing their novels. Perhaps we will drop all language arts in week 6 for these two so they can spend more time on this, but they must edit their work.

Chiara, as always is fairly diligent, she seems very low in energy though and missed a couple of days of lessons, today I purchased some multi-vitamins so we shall see.

Lots of reading is happening with the older children. I have spent a fair amount of time tracking down books for the Dominic and he is very happy with the choices and is devouring them. Obviously just a different taste in reading to Chiara.

Faith and science don’t seem to be completed frequently though, so will have to address this.

We also had some lovely Treasured Moments. I am much heartened. This is what I am striving for, have lost my way and need to find my way back to.