Maybe I’m being ambitious but if I don’t aim high I’ll achieve nothing.

6am-7am – My computer Hour.
Children to rise by 8am daily.

8.30 Start with Prayers.
Circle Time with Littles
Children to work with littles in 1/2 blocks

Older Children to do Language Arts and Maths
& Faith
Individual Time with M&M and boys if needed.

10.30 Morning Tea
11.00 History (Monday and Tuesday)
Geography (Wednesday and Thursday)
Science (Friday)

12.30 Lunch

1am-2am Computer Hour if didn’t wake at 6am.
Building Phone Calls (I’m Project Manager)

2am- (Monday) Read Aloud
3.20pm Leave for sports

2am- (Tuesday)Read Aloud
Writing Club

2am-(Wednesday)Read Aloud
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Presentation
Nature Walk
3.40pm Leave for Sports

2am (Thursday)Read Aloud
High Tea – Poetry/Music Apprec.

(Friday) 11.30am Leave for Mass
1PM-5PM Computer/Playstation Time

*Personal Goals- to keep my computer time to an hour max.
– to keep my phone calls to 1/2 max.