As I shared in my previous post we are ‘traveling’ to Asia in the coming Term. I have been gathering together book titles (from home and the library), audio resources and online links. Just what countries we are visiting are primarily dictated by the books I have found.

Online Resources
National Geographic
Map Game
Online Games (Looks great)
More Games
World Geography Quiz
World Geography Map Games

Foreign Languages
Foreign Languages
Foreign Languages for Travelers

Thanks to Marilyn for the above links. (I substituted Asia for Africa.)

General Resources
* denotes Library Bks

DK Geography of the World
Children Just Like Me
Children Just Like Me: Celebrations!
Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World
*The Usborne Round the World Cookbook
*Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
Atlases (Various DK ones)
DK Book of Flags
Trailguide to World Geography (I haven’t found it particularly useful )
Online (Google)

Non-Fiction Books
*Living on the River Ganges – Louise and Richard Spilsbury.(World cultures
Raintree perspectives)
*We’re from India – Victoria Parker.(Young explorer)
*India in pictures – Lee Engfer.(Visual geography series)

*Cambodia – by Miriam Greenblatt. (Enchantment of the world)
*Cambodia – written by by Dayaneetha De Silva (Countries of the world)

More non-fiction titles to come.

Picture Books
*My Indian home : Tulu’s story – Dasgupta, Dagmar
*The tiger, the brahmin & the jackal – retold by Kath Lock

*Running shoes – Frederick Lipp

*Believe it or not : a folktale from Burma – retold and illustrated by Joanna Troughton.

*The warrior and the wise man – story and pictures by David Wisniewski.
*The inch-high samurai – retold by Ralph F. McCarthy.
*The perfect sword – Scott Goto.
*Wabi Sabi by Mark Reibstein

*King Pom and the fox – Jessica Souhami.
*The magic pillow by Demi
*The king and the seed – Eric Maddern
*The dragon and the phoenix : a folktale from China – retold by Lesley Sims
*Peacock girl – Lily Wu
*Bamboo by Paul Yee
*The boss – Allan Baillie
*The dragon’s pearl retold by Julie Lawson
*The sleeper – David Day
*Tiger by Judy Allen

More picture titles to come.

Chapter Books
* I need to pre-read all these, they are not necessarily recommended, just in my library system .
*Best friends – Hongying Yang.
*Super cool uncle – Hongying Yang
*Rebel girl : a tale of friendship and survival in Taiping China -Susan Geason
More titles here.

Sadako and the thousand paper cranes – Eleanor Coerr
*The peach blossom princess by Katie Chase
Kazunomiya Prisoner of Heaven, Japan 1858 (Royal Diaries)
I probably won’t use this with my boys but I include for anyone with girls.

*Krakatoa lighthouse – Allan Baillie (Highschool)

*The Cobra King of Kathmandu – P.B. Kerr

*Elephant mountain – Janeen Brian

Chayna, The Girl No One Wanted (Children Around The World)

The Jungle Books – Rudyard Kipling
Just So Stories – Rudyard Kipling
Kiran the Little Indian – John Mansfield
Jahanara, Princess of Princesses, India 1627 (Royal Diaries)
I probably won’t use this with my boys but I include for anyone with girls.

The Pakistani Twins – Denis Shaw

A Single Shard – Linda Sue Park
Chiho and Tong See – SC George
Sondak, Princess of the Moon and Stars, Korea, 595 (The Royal Diaries)
I probably won’t use this with my boys but I include for anyone with girls.

Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World.

Mulan 2
More titles to come

National Anthems – Asia
Geography Songs – the various Asian songs (Audio Memory)
National Anthems CD(Music only)

*The Usborne Round the World Cookbook
Indian Recipes

Animals and Habitats
Titles to come.

Trailguide to World Geography
Uncle Josh’s Outline Maps.
Free flags and maps at Homeschool Share.
Continent Felt Maps

If you owned the Montessori maps the following links would be fantastic. I can only dream.
Three Period Lesson
How to present the continent work to young children.
More on push pin map work.
Thanks to Serendipity for the above links.

Recreate country flags from craft felt
DK Book of Flags

Asian Continents Box:
I’m considering a continents box for the little ones. But I’m not too certain it would be used. What do you think? Has anyone had any experience?

To include
~Map for cover of box, either printed or from travel agency books
~Asian animals (from toy box)
~Considering 3 part cards of:(Google and print)
* Asian Flags
* Asian Maps
* Asian Animals
* Asian Plants
* Asian Places
* Asian Fact Sheet
* World maps
* Toothpick/felt flags

Saints & Marian Apparitions
Geographic Timeline of Saints
Saints by Country

Asian Saints Titles
Titles to Come

Mary Around the World:

Thanks to Kathryn for the following links.

Our Lady of LaVang (Around the World with Mary)
Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions

Our Lady of Madhu (Around the World with Mary)

La Naval de Manilla (Around the World with Mary)

Our Lady of Akita (Around the World With Mary)

Our Lady of China (Around the World with Mary)

I still have a few more titles to add but these are the bulk; needing to hit publish for my clarity;)

Our ‘visit’ to our neighbouring continent is starting to appear to be of a longer length than one Term.