Faith-‘The Bible Story’ Series – Arthur Maxwell.
Continue reading 5+ stories/Week. Narrate.

Language Arts
Dictation 3 Paragraph/Week (from Lit. book of your choice)
Editing – 2 passages per week (Qld Reader)
Spelling 1 Page/Week (Fitzroy)
Creative Writing To write at least 1 story/poem/week. Type and add to your blog.
Poetry Memorisation 1 poem/week (Qld Reader)

Literature – The following books are to be read and then discussed with Mum and Dad.
The Sea of Adventure – Enid Blyton
The Island of Adventure – Enid Blyton
The Mountain of Adventure – Enid Blyton
The Ship of Adventure – Enid Blyton

Mum To Read
The Penderwicks on Gardam Street- Jeanne Birdsdall

Maths – 5 Pages+/Week (Singapore)

Science – 2 Experiments/Wk. Do and write observations. (101 Science Experiments)

Geography– Asia

Detailed Research Plans for:

Stay tuned;)


Weeks 1-5 World War 1.

Weeks 6 – 10 Russian Revolution, Roaring 20s and the Depression.

Detailed History Plans for:

World War 1

Book Titles

* Mum has to pre-read for suitability
Mum to read: Chapter Books
The Silver Donkey – Sonya Hartnett
The donkey who carried the wounded – Jackie French.
War Horse – Michael Morpurgo

Picture Books:
Simpson and his donkey – Mark Greenwood
In Flanders fields -Norman Jorgensen
Night without darkness – Elizabeth Stanley.
Richthofen The Red Baron – Raymond Briggs

Make Anzac Biscuits

Create a Soldiers or Nurses Uniform.
or dig a Trench.

Research and Writing

Create a personal timeline of important dates, also add dates to the Family Timeline book.

Using non-fiction titles from the Library; write notebook pages of information, pictures and maps on the following topics:

1.Why did the War happen? How long was the War?

2. What type of weapons were used in the War.

3. Describe trench warfare.

4. Describe the Battle of Gallipoli. (Include mapwork)

5. What does the acronym ANZAC stand for?

6 Where is the Kokoda Trail? Tell us about Simpson.

7. Map the countries in which Australians fought in.

8. What countries were allies?

Due to be handed in at the end of Week 5.
Choose one of the picture books and re-write it in your own words and include illustrations.

Plans for Weeks 6-10 to come: