Create an Asian continent notebook; include narrations, art work, recipes,photos, maps, flags and Fact Sheet of India. Don’t forget to use the Travel Agency magazines for pics.
Narration illustrations can use watercolors, lyra pencils, or block crayons.

We will be ‘staying’ in India for 3-4 weeks. Longer if you are enjoying the sights:)

Draw (Mariah, print) a map of India, include the capital city, neighbouring oceans and countries.
Paste in your notebook.

Continent Felt Maps You may like to make a felt map of Asia. (Perhaps Chiara to make this.)

Play some of the map games listed. (Difficult task I know;)
Map Game
Online Games (Looks great)
More Games
World Geography Quiz
World Geography Map Games

Draw (Mariah may print)a flag of India for your Notebook. Explain the colours, emblems of the flag.
Stick(draw) mini flag on ‘passport sheet’ of India.

You may like to create the Indian flag from felt and display on cork board.

Foreign Languages
Spend time listening to the Indian languages. Impress us with learning a few words.
Foreign Languages
Foreign Languages for Travelers

My Country Report/Fact Sheet
Use the Geographica and the internet to research and answer the following questions.
(Ask mum for sheet)Paste into your notebook.

Name of Country: India
Continent where country is located:
Name the countries that border you country:
Name the surrounding Oceans/Seas:
Capital of Country:
In which hemisphere is this country located (north or south of the equator)?
Pinpoint your country’s:
Major Language Spoken:
Major Religion:
What is the Currency?
Type of Government:
Chief Crops:
Major Industries:
What is this Country most famous/infamous for?

Picture Books
*My Indian home : Tulu’s story – Dasgupta, Dagmar
*The tiger, the brahmin & the jackal – retold by Kath Lock
Kiran the Little Indian – John Mansfield

Folk Tales Lesson Book
M&M to create an illustration for each folk tale read. On the facing page, include a half-size map, color in the India, the home of the stories’ origin and a typed narration.

Chapter Books
D&X;(maybe Malachi) A written narration of chapter book of your choice. At least 100 words.

The Jungle Books – Rudyard Kipling
Just So Stories – Rudyard Kipling
Jahanara, Princess of Princesses, India 1627 (Royal Diaries)[This may not interest you]

To cook one main meal.
Indian Recipes
and ask Rebecca (her grandparents own an Indian restaurant)

Global Art: Activities, Projects, and Inventions from Around the World.
Work on a Stone Inlay, page 57.

Watch a movie, difficult I know;)
Jungle Book.
(Can you think of more?)

Learn all of the Asian Songs in Geography Songs related to India.
Listen to India’s National Anthems

Animals and Habitats
Create an illustration of one of India’s habitats, label what aspects of the habitat provides food, water, and shelter for the animals that live there.

Animal pages:
Create an illustration of at least two Indian animals. On the facing page, record the following:

* common name
* classification information
* physical characteristics
* habits
* food
* predators

Asian Animals:

* Animals in India
Bengal Tiger
Indian Peacock
White Bengal Tiger
Indian Lion Leopard
Indian Rhino
Indian Elephant
Black Buck

Non-Fiction Books
The following may help you in your studies.
*Living on the River Ganges – Louise and Richard Spilsbury.(World cultures
Raintree perspectives)
*We’re from India – Victoria Parker.(Young explorer)
*India in pictures – Lee Engfer.(Visual geography series)

Monuments and Culture Lesson Book
Choose one national monument, the Taj Mahal,KONARK TEMPLE, QUTAB MINAR, FATEHPUR SIKRI, HAWA MAHAL, or BODH GAYA and create a notebook page of information and pictures.

and choose one aspect of Indian culture this may be; art, dance, history, religion, daily lives to name a few; that interests you and create a notebook page of information and pictures.

Saints Lesson Book
Map Work: Trace or paste an outline map of Asia, with countries labeled into notebook. Throughout the course of the study, complete the following tasks and create a coded guide:

* Mark various Saints’ home country
* Shade in 5 countries where the primary religion is Christian.
* Shade in 5 countries where the primary religion is Islam.
* Shade in 5 countries where indigenous beliefs or animism are still predominant.
* Shade in at least five countries that are currently or have recently been in civil unrest.

Indian Saints Stories:
Read Saints Stories of India.
Write a short narration of at least one. 100 words minimum.
Dictated Narration for younger two children.

* Saint Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception(First female Indian Saint, recently canonized)
* Thomas the Apostle
* Barlaam and Josaphat
* Gonsalo Garcia
* Bl Mother Teresa (not yet canonized)