* A small selection of books read.

Sugar and Spice
Donkey on the Doorstep
Giraffe in a Jam
Princess and Curdie – George MacDonald
Princess and the Goblin – George MacDonald
Carry on Mr Bowditch
St Thomas More – Elizabeth Ince (Vision Bk)
St Katherine Drexel – Ellen Tarry (Vision Bk)
St Ignatius & Company of Jesus – August Derleth (Vision Bk)
Children’s Book of Saints – Hugh Ross Williamson
Year of the Black Pony – Walt Morley
Bush Boys on the Move – James Tierney
Animals of Farthing Wood- Colin Dann
Kine – AR Llyod
Story of Man – Roman Empire (non-fiction)
Red Hugh Prince of Donegal – Robert Reilly
Lost Baron – Allen French
Shadow Hawk – Andre Norton
Ranger’s Apprentice (Entire Set of 7 books several times)

Matthew Flinders – George Finkel
Aboard Endeavour – Bruce Stannard
The Voyages of Captain Cook – Daniel O’Keefe
The Journal of Watkin Stench – Meredith Hooper