Poetry- Memorise 1 poem a week.(Take more than 1 week if needed)
Typing- Use Type Tutor or online programs. 5 Sessions weekly.
Maths Mathematics.com.au Complete CD by end of year.
Faith- Fr Laux Lesson 1 Chapter per week. Read, discuss, answer questions.

Language Arts:
Dictation- From book of your choice. 3 Passages/Week
Editing- Great Editing Adventures. 2 Lessons/Week
Spelling-(Chiara) Wordly Wise, 2 Lists/ Week
(Dominic) Fitzroy Word Families, 5 Lists/week
IEW- Watch Video, Complete exercises. 3 days/week
English for Aust. Schools- (Chiara)2 days/week
(Dominic)Serendipity 2 days /week.

Science- Singapore Science. Read Chapter, Answer Questions. Monday-Tuesday

History-(Chiara)American History, Civil War to Westward Expansion. Read Christ and the Americas, Select a project question to answer. Read supporting fiction.
(Dominic)Middle Ages. Wednesday-Thursday 2 weeks on each sub-topic. Take notes, hands on activities, read supporting fiction and non-fiction.
1. Castles
2. Knights (Feudal System)
3. Weaponry. (Knights Clothing, Coat of Arms)
4. Crusades
5. Monasteries (Cathedrals, Art of Illumination)

Geography- Watch Michale Palin DVDs, map. Friday.