We will spend 2 weeks on each sub-topic.
1. Castles
2. Knights
3. Weaponary
4. Monasteries
5. Crusades

Reading- Read 2 fiction books per week from bedroom shelf. (Your choices) 1 for MMs (or picture books for Mariah) (5 titles are to be medieval Sts)
*Record Titles.
Listen to family read alouds.
Read non-fiction books from library pile.
* Record titles.

Writing- 2 Pages of information of interest per week; include diagrams, pictures and written notes.
1 page summation of each sub-topic area.

Hands on Activities-The following can be negotiated upon if you have a different idea.
Week 1 – Build a castle.
Week 2 – Make a Knights costume.
Week 3 – Build a Catapult or other siege weapon.
Week 4 – Make an Illuminated Book or Model of a Monastery.
Week 5 – Design a family crest and make a banner.
*Photograph during process and print and notebook your activity. You may also choose to blog about it.