* A selection of books read.

Amelia Bedelia and Great Aunt Amanda
Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower
Come Back Amelia Bedelia
Astronauts (DK Level 2)
Secret Life of Trees (DK Level 2)
Beastly Tales, Yeti (DK Level 3)
Karriwingi – Leslie Rees
Volcanoes and Other Natural Disasters (DK Level 4)
Little Grunt and the Big Egg- Tomie dePaola
Space Busters Race to the Moon (DK Level 3)
Dinosaur Dinner (DK Level 2)
Munch, Crunch, Wiggle, Waggle (DK Level 2)
Blink, Wink (DK Level 2)
Plants Bite Back (DK Level 3)
Flying Ace (DK Level 4)
Titanic, The Disaster that Shocked the World (DK Level 3)
Tom’s Fantastic Life
Extreme Machines (DK Level 4)
Easter Egg- Lori Walburg
The Giving Tree – Shel Silverstein
Fern Hollow
Redwall (several chapters)