* A Selection of Books Read.

Won By the Sword – GA Henty
Sturdy and Strong, or How George Andrews Made his Way – GA Henty
The Knight of the White Cross – GA Henty
With Moore at Corunna – GA Henty
With Cochrane the Dauntless – GA Henty
The Scion in the North – GA Henty
With Fredrick the Great – GA Henty
Under Wellington’s Command – GA Henty
At Againcourt – GA Henty
A March on London – GA Henty
With Kitchener in the Soudan – GA Henty
The Lion of St Mark – GA Henty
The Young Franc Tireurs – GA Henty
Both Sides of the Border – GA Henty
Saint Bartholomew’s Eve – GA Henty
The Cornet of Horse – GA Henty
In the Irish Brigade – GA Henty
With Wolfe in Canada – GA Henty
Colonel Thorndyke’s Secret – GA Henty
Hold Fast for England – GA Henty
At Aboukir and Aure – GA Henty
At the point of the Bayonet – GA Henty
The Young Buglers – GA Henty
Captain Bayley’s Heir – GA Henty
For Name and Fame – GA HentyA Final Reckoning – GA Henty
On The Pampas – GA Henty
The Stone Chest – GA Henty
The Young Midshipman – GA Henty
Michael O’Halloran – GA HentyOn the Irrawaddy – GA Henty

The Harvester – Gene Stratton- Porter
Michael O’Halloran – GA Henty
Katy’s Brenton Summer – Helen Mason
Samuel FB Morse – John Hudson Tiner
The Beggar of Volubilis – Caroline Lawrence
My Heart Remembers – Kim Vogel Sawyer
Escape by Sea – LS Lawrence

The Reb and the Redcoats – Constance Savery
The Swamp Fox of the Revolution
By the Great Horn Spoon – Sid Fleischman