Yesterday I fell apart. I can’t seem to motivate most of the children to learn and worse I can’t really seem to muster up alot of enthusiasm myself. I am not sure which comes first.

Chiara is good about doing her work but she has admitted that she is finding it all too easy and is bored. I really need to challenge her. I have spent the last week researching options, whether I should buy a curriculum or not. For various reasons such as, we have already done that history period or I don;t like a particular text I have decided not to go that way. I’m tired of inventing units and yet I know that I need the flexibility doing so gives me. After much prayer and tears I have decided what I am going to do. I will use Study Guides for her do do deeper literature study, I am looking around to find a history unit but am not too sure there. I will create my own geography unit and as I yet am undecided what science text/direction she will take once she is finished her current book.

Dominic, I find the most depressing as I can’t motivate him nor can he find enthusiasm within himself. I think I may just have to assign him books, projects etc and keep a very close eye on him. It could well be the hormone blues.

Xavier I am fast realising is far more capable than I thought. He is a voracious reader! He is giving Chiara a challenge.
Malachi is reading at long last!!!
Mariah is also reading!!!!
By biggest challenge with these three and G is logistics and keeping to our routine.
With God I can do all things:)