Language Arts

Chiara -English for Australian Schools 2 by Ronald Ridout.
Dominic- Lingua Mater by Margot Davidson.
Xavier- Intermediate Language Lessons bu Emma Serl
Malachi- Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl
Mariah- First Introductory English Workbook by Ronald Ridout

Fred Schonell’s Spelling books and a couple of LEM Phonics workbooks

Quotes from Saints of the Day, Bible Passages and Poems.

Literature Paragraphs from various books of the children’s choice.

Various Writing Styles
Still our weak area and still undecided. Perhaps I may buy “Write Best”

Malachi and Mariah to continue reading aloud daily.

Continue to read high quality literature each book selected will be with a different child in mind.
Commit to reading poetry once a week.

Prima Latina and Latina Christiana.

Children to continue with Singapore Maths, still a little undecided regards Chiara.

To follow the liturgical year more faithfully this year and a big help will be my ‘Liturgical Resources’ list.
Chiara-Peter Kreeft’s Understaning the Bible. Enlist C’s help with the liturgical year so she develops a deeper understanding.
Boys- Baltimore Catechism 2
Girls- Moira Farrell’s Albums
Mariah-To prepare for her First Confession and First Holy Communion.

This year we will continue with the Ancient World up till the Birth of Christ. We will use RC History as the spine but be more flexible with it as it killed my enthusiasm to ‘stick to the plan’ last term.

Geography/Cultural Studies
After giving it due consideration I am going to eliminate jumping around and our geography will shadow our history. So for example when we are studying Ancient Egypt we will look at Geography and Culture in Modern Egypt. We will be using various non-fiction and living books.

Chiara- The History of Medicine-John Hudson Tiner, look into adding a hands on component.
Dominic-The History of Chemistry – John Hudson Tiner, supplemented with related experiements.
Primary Children-To use as a spine Susan Marra’s- Life Science Using Real Books.

Creative Arts
Using Mary Ann Kohl’s Discovering Great Artists and Art Around the World as spines.
Malachi may be doing art lessons.

Use the ‘Craft Club’ for ideas and ‘Art Attack’.
I do need to plan in advance for this area otherwise it doesn’t happen.

The younger children to participate in more cooking.

Children to continue piano lessons.
Find somebody to give Malachi a few guitar tips.

Industrial Arts– Chiara and Dominic undertake a project. To help build our ‘playground.’