Maths– The primary children to complete 1 to 2 pages per day. Chiara’s book hasn’t arrived so I’m not too sure there yet. Genevieve to understand place value up to 10.

2 Times a week, Dominic to follow the LM program as set out. Chiara to do an exercise each lesson. Xavier to write his lessons, M may do his orally and MT can do a worksheet.

Two lessons twice a week.

Piano up to half an hr for some of the dc.
Daily for all at least.

10 mins per day on the typetutor for Malachi up.

M and M to read from book of their choice.

One paragraph at least for older three, M and M have sentences according to ability.

The same as dictation.

A group list weekly from Schonell to achieve 98% correct and 2 wksheets per week from LEM.

Literature and Poetry
Constantly have a selected chapter book, picture books daily and poetry weekly. Memorise a poem a fortnight.

One lesson of Balt. Catech. per week. narrate.
C to do one lesson per week re. email of Peter Kreeft.
Mariah to work her way through St Joseph’s Communion bk and create notebook.

Reading fiction and non-fiction, many hands on activities, and writing and notebooking. Crafts.

Australian History
Using Arthur Baillie’s ‘Sunburnt Country’ as a spine and fleshing out with fiction books. Getting the children to narrate and notebook. Capture interest with craft and hands on activities.

Using non-fiction and trying for picture and fiction books. Mapping exercises, collating factual information about modern day Egypt. Notebooking (pics from Travel Agents and internet)crafts.

C and D to use John Hudson Tiner. Read a chapter per week, answer questions and do related experiment, write up experiment.
Read insect books on hand, many from the library, observe nature, arrange excursions. Narrate and notebook. craft.

Creative Arts
Related crafts to themes, liturgical year and just plain fun.

Art appreciation, one picture per week, on corkboard. Use Mary-Ann Kohl’s Discovering Great Artists as spine.

Music Apprec. Play classical artist as children are doing quiet work. Movement on Fridays.

Industrial Arts
C and D to build playground with David.