As we had been at Monette’s engagement party we took Monday the first day off so I could finish planning.
Tuesday was off to a flying start, the children were keen to go to a homeschool picnic so they worked most diligently (well some had to be prodded, not Dominic though he worked with a will)
This term we are trying a variation of the ‘main lesson’idea. On Monday and Tuesday in our seatwork time we only do maths. I expect a few pages each day, we recite the times tables and hopefully we will get to read maths literature as they become more independent(another of my goals.) In this time they are also to do piano practice. The M and Ms are to read daily.

After morning tea we have our faith reading and then science. For C and D they are working through ‘How Science works” reading, doing the experiment and writing it up. The younger children are concentrating on sea mammals at present, reading books from the library and then we will notebook about what we have read.

Wednesday through to Friday is our Language Arts focus, in the morning season we are to do copywork, dictation and creative writing. And some formal grammar.
Yesterday (Wednesday) didn’t go well:( I introduced a new idea of the children working their way through some old texts I found. Some were not happy and the day fell apart then. Malachi felt that his book expected too much writing for him (it did expect alot) in the end I dug out CHC’s Language of God for little people book B for him. Xavier didn’t feel excited about his so he is going to use Stories with a View, he has always liked it. Dominic really was too sick to think well so I haven;t decided with him. Chiara was given a choice of Ridout’s book 2 or Lingua Mater, she choose Ridout (she dislikes LM) For Mariah her book is really cute, a little introductory book written by Ridout, she likes it and Malachi is envious (hers has pictures).

Yesterday’s post morning tea work didn’t happen as I was too wrung out. I did sit down though and read half of a Walt Disney version of Winnie the Pooh to Mariah, other children listened to the end of it.