Well things are progressing a little but not enough. Maths mornings are going really well, twice a week is a good balance for Dominic. He has become independent and confident yet he is still doing the same amount, in fact more;)

The Language arts flow is what is stumping me still. I guess maths by nature is more structured and so is our approach, LA is more free flowing. I need to find a balance between free flow and having goals set prior. At the moment as I struggle back to enthusiasm I know that I need structure but… not too much, balance.

I am still struggling to be disciplined in areas: read alouds, the extras ie art, craft and science/history/geography. I really DO have to get these areas under control. Oh and a pre-school/K program needs to be set up.

We start RC History next week so I have to be organised for it to flow. I really want to succeed well with it, it has great potential but I need to be organised.

Oh and we have finally finished St Patricks summer.

I am trying to do a Beatrix Potter theme and spring theme, have the materials just need to do.

All Saints today, went to Mass.