I have created individual checklists for the children to record their work. This is working well, they can see at a glance what work remains to be done. I am particularly wishing to foster more independent work by the older children.

Malachi is ‘exploding with reading’!!!Yippee!! He is wanting to read continuously, today he read Big Bill and Dandy to me. He read the book in 10 minutes, this book in the past would have taken him days. He flew through it with ease. It is lovely to see his confidence and interest.

Poor Mariah, she worked so diligently on her maths only to discover she had done pages incorrectly, she had been adding instead of subtracting.

Xavier works happily now on his dictation and he loves story writing. He is not happy though to do the spelling worksheets that I am wanting the older dc to do. I want them to do some LEM worksheets on base word endings. I thought it would be fun but the boys are not happy. I think it is a self-discipline issue.

Dominic didn’t accomplish a great deal:(

Chiara worked steadily at her seatework. She has come a long way:)

After morning tea we read St Patrick’s Summer and later I read some picture books to the little girls (recorded in sidebar)
Little girls also enjoyed a craft activity of gluing.