Off to a slow start but it is starting to come toegether.

Seatwork happening daily, Maths, Spelling, Dictation and Story Writing. On alternate days copywork and grammar. We are doing a remedial session on copywork so all doing ot together, dc were quite receptive to this. Maths books for M has not arrived. Most are making a solid effort at Story Writing, M in particular is keen to use his ‘personal dictionary’. C has been steadily working on her LM. Reading hasn’t been happening as I would like.
Xavier was been difficult this week, I don’t know why he has these ‘beligerent spats’. So he has not achieved much at all.

After morning tea we have started our nature study/journal. MT is very excited and keen and it shows in her work. The boys aren’t too thrilled they just want to keep playing in their new sandpit. (Which they built and did a wonderful job)I am making the boys participate anyhow. C is working on her science book whilst we do this.
We are also studying geography. This week we started with drawing a map of our property, then progressed to finding ourselves in relation to Grafton city. They are currently working on labelling a map of Australia, the older two also have to draw the state lines and mark the capital cities. The younger ones have to label the capital cities, add Grafton and state names. Tomorrow they will finish with marking the rivers and some mountain ranges.

We finally finished Farmer Boy and we have started Milly-Molly-Mandy. I have also managed to read ‘Make Way for Ducklings’ to Genevieve a couple of times.

G has had one MOntessori activity, fabric sorting, she is very good and concentrates so hard.

Yesterday we managed a nature walk on the property with Margeret, today we will be travelling to Al’s for music lessons.