Language Arts
The children all made consistent progress in LA this term.

Spelling- Everyone did well and MT joined in at the end of term. I and they are very happy.

Dictation- Steady progress is being made, dc worked hard and the amount they are capable of is increasing. MJ joined in this term as well. X struggles to have tidy and evenly spaced writing. D is taking more pride in his letter formation.

Handwriting- The boys mainly used the penny catechism for handwriting. They work at this but I want to take time out to make sure they are starting their letters correctly as I fear they are not.

Lingua Mater- Chiara has finally settled into using LM.

Reading- The Ms have made terrific progress. Mt has just taken off overnight and surprises me what she can read. MJ needs to be consistent with his reading and then he makes leaps. If I don’t have him reading continuously he has to work hard to regain ground.

Creative Writing- A couple of stories were written this term but not enough. I am still not happy in this area. I don’t know whether to can the mechanics of writing and concentrate on writing but make sure they polish their pieces or strive harder for both.

Excellent progress here. Even D at the end of the term is taking an attitude change for the better.

D preparing for his Confirmation using Fr Murphy’s red book.
Read some fo St Patrick’s Summer by Marigold Hunt.
Read some of David’s bible stories. Not enough really I know. Chiara wants a more thorough teaching of her faith. Really not too sure what to use.

We really did no Craft this term, nor any rabbit trails/unit topics. I missed the creativity from that. But solid progress was made in the basics.